Late Steve Goodman Blues

His stories told of futures past
Were the word of twisted fate
His old man could sell you cars
But life just couldn't wait
Twisted prose through smiling cheeks
Though he stood about five foot two
Probably don't know they give me
These late Steve Goodman blues

Midnight fell on Old Town Streets
The troubador left unseen
For the life of me, I could not see
Missed the train to new Orleans
The Cub fan standing out on waveland
He knew his team would lose
And you never even call me
Those late Steve Goodman blues

The young man went off with his old man that night
Mama's rock their babes to sleep
While words we can dance to are no longer new
We live through words we can keep


Season Tickets to the old ball park
His game was done too soon
And the beer is cold and their is still no lights
But the games all start at noon
A young man's scheme- the night trains steam
And the Chicken Cordon Bleus
'Cause even Jethro's dancin'
Those late Steve Goodman blues