On Fri. Nov 21, 1997 16:2:45 EST
Chris Wilson (chris@hepcat.com) from Indianapolis IN wrote:

while we're on the subject of dead girl songs...

On Fri. Nov 21, 1997 16:25:57 EST
toby (tgibso@midwestern.edu) from Chi-town wrote:

Thanks Chris. Couldn't have done it without you.

On Tue. Nov 25, 1997 13:6:8 EST

On Tue. Nov 25, 1997 14:24:8 EST

On Tue. Nov 25, 1997 14:37:32 EST
Clay Eals (ceals@cclink.fhcrc.org) from Seattle, Wash. wrote:

My wife and I were at the tribute concert Nov. 13 and the Goodman strumathon the night before, and both were lifetime musical highlights. I was impressed and touched by the artists' performances and Goodman song selection (tipped a more toward the romantic than the humorous), by the well-chosen remarks of the M.C.'s (especially Studs) and by the keepsake program. The stunner, though, was the complement of video pieces of Steve himself performing. The Tribune review nailed it, saying that Steve on video is a hard act for any live act to follow.
I have a lot more thoughts about the concert, but I just want to help get the conversation started up again. I'll add more observations from time to time, but it would be great to hear from others who were at Medinah Temple that night.

On Wed. Nov 26, 1997 13:6:35 EST
Gregory Christiansin (gregj8@ix.netcom.com) wrote:

Looking for any of the Austin City Limits on VHS. Used to have the one from the 70's and the tribute in the 80's that was a compilation but both were destroyed. Help!

On Wed. Nov 26, 1997 13:8:22 EST
Gregory Christiansin (gregj8@ix.netcom.com) wrote:

Looking for any live videos with Steve.

On Wed. Nov 26, 1997 23:18:53 EST

On Wed. Nov 26, 1997 23:20:22 EST

On Thu. Nov 27, 1997 9:11:10 EST

On Fri. Nov 28, 1997 23:23:52 EST

On Sun. Nov 30, 1997 16:13:10 EST
Jack (greysky@RT66.com) from Socorro, NM wrote:

Just found this on the internet while tracking down no big surprise. doesn't seem to be available. Glad to see there are some other stevie fans out there who havent grown too old to write. Also, happy someone's keeping the music alive (Thanks, John Prine, I suppose). best wishes everyone

On Sun. Nov 30, 1997 16:14:59 EST
Jack (greysky@RT66.com) from Socorro, NM wrote:

Just found this on the internet while tracking down no big surprise. doesn't seem to be available. Glad to see there are some other stevie fans out there who havent grown too old to write. Also, happy someone's keeping the music alive (Thanks, John Prine, I suppose). best wishes everyone

On Mon. Dec 1, 1997 18:19:57 EST
Cal Burke (CallahanB@aol.com) from Jax Beach FL wrote:

Wish I coulda been there! The live video story from Clay intensifies the feeling: I can only hope this is from the long-promised video anthology to accompany No Big Surprise. I know I shouldn't be so impatient, but......once a 12 year old, always a 12 year old, I guess. Hope you guys an' gals had a wonderful time. Damn, I wish he was still alive........

On Mon. Dec 1, 1997 18:25:50 EST

On Tue. Dec 2, 1997 22:25:8 EST
Joe Scislowicz (JJSCIS@gc.net) from Virginia wrote:

Why do I have to discover and love a guy's music, just to find out he is gone? I particularly love "I can't sleep at night". Any help on the chords to this song would be appreciated. It is on the "Easter Tapes" CD. Thanks. Joe

On Thu. Dec 4, 1997 23:42:36 EST
Kathy Shedd (KateShedd@aol.com) from Nashville now from Chicago wrote:

Thanks for the of all the work and up keep that
goes into keeping this site! It is A+!!!!!!!

I saw Steve 37 times in concert in 3 states.
He is my all time #1 artist! I own my own Steve
Goodman scrap book on his life, for I have been
in the Music Biz for 22 years! I would love to
share info and stories with other fans. Steve,
we all do miss you!

On Fri. Dec 5, 1997 17:6:53 EST

On Sun. Dec 7, 1997 0:41:55 EST
judy (jac@telepath.com) from oklahoma city, ok wrote:

i'm new at this so if i write in the wrong place...i just want to say that i never saw stevie in concert but he's one of my very favorite artists. his music is wonderful, too. Steve put so much of himself in the music, you felt like you knew him if you heard him sing very much. i'm so glad there's a place for us goodman fans to come to and say what we feel. miss ya, stevie.

On Tue. Dec 9, 1997 23:45:1 EST

On Tue. Dec 9, 1997 23:50:17 EST
judy (jac@telepath.com) from oklahoma city, ok wrote:

if any of you goodman fans out there are looking for stevie's albums, they can be purchased from red pajamas, steve's label. you can find it by going to ohboy@ohboy.com. no big surprise is also available here, too.

On Fri. Dec 12, 1997 3:30:59 EST
The Lone Stranger (mriley@ihug.co.nz) from new zealand wrote:

I shoulda known there'd be web-site for people who've been affected by your songs Steve, I first heard one of your songs, musta been 1975 or 76, dont matter, everyone around me listening to punk.
And i got a friend to make a tape, another friend another tape. Not many of your records got to N Z. and the years passed, and so did you. Corse I got all your records on vinyl after years of searching.
And my greatest honour, after I became a dj on local radio, "boarder songs" TExas, folk, country, no people songs. One day, on the anniversary of your passing, I devoted a 3 hour show to you and your songs.
I wrote to pajama records first HA. But I gathered every song of yours I could

Thank you

I quote you often

You are missed

On Sat. Dec 13, 1997 18:4:7 EST

On Sun. Dec 14, 1997 22:8:6 EST
pat coffey from Mendota Il wrote:

Hey Steve, they are still singing the blues in Chicago -baseball that is. At least you have the angels up there. If anyone needs old Goodman albums, sell your soul to the local used record store. Occasionally they will get a bunch in from the estate of a departed listener. For nobody in their right mind would give them up.
Still remembetr the night I split a 6pack with Steve backstage at the Ravinia while security was looking for that crazy drunk running around backstage with no pass.

On Wed. Dec 17, 1997 7:40:50 EST
Patrick Hume (patrick_hume@reyrey.com) from Dayton, Oh wrote:

On Wed. Dec 17, 1997 7:40:51 EST
Patrick Hume (patrick_hume@reyrey.com) from Dayton, Oh wrote:

On Sat. Dec 20, 1997 15:48:41 EST

On Mon. Dec 22, 1997 13:19:39 EST

On Wed. Dec 24, 1997 19:40:48 EST

On Mon. Dec 29, 1997 19:17:14 EST

On Tue. Dec 30, 1997 10:25:18 EST

On Thu. Jan 1, 1998 5:20:11 EST

On Mon. Jan 5, 1998 23:57:59 EST
judy (jac@telepath.com) from oklahoma city wrote:

for all of you who might not know how the bulletin board works bulletin board works, type in your name, your email, your city and state under location, then, the next space is where you type in your comments. after you are finished, it says 'they're only words button' hit enter or click to send your addition to the board. happy new year...the 20th century is almost over, almost over, almost over...all over this land...

On Tue. Jan 6, 1998 12:16:34 EST

On Tue. Jan 6, 1998 23:45:54 EST
rae nell presson (rpresson@teclink.net) from Jackson, MS wrote:

I saw him in 1973 heating up the audience for Prine. I've been gone ever since. Just finished listening to the Easter Tapes. Saw him once 25 years ago and have not gotten over yet.

On Wed. Jan 7, 1998 0:9:37 EST

On Wed. Jan 7, 1998 21:37:0 EST
wendy (whiltemann@hotmail.com) from Ontario, Canada wrote:

just posting-been a fan since '72. Is anybody else upset over the ex-lax or whatever commercial that uses "Good Morning America" as it's theme? Do you think Steve would like his song to be used in the context of open bowels? ...well...maybe he would..BUT I DON"T LIKE IT!

On Thu. Jan 8, 1998 15:42:35 EST

On Fri. Jan 9, 1998 20:29:23 EST

On Sat. Jan 10, 1998 3:54:55 EST
Jessica Goodman (JesseGoodman@Juno.com) from New York wrote:

I read the review on the show. I must say yet another job well done. I look forward to reading more of your works.

By the way, I was wondering if you might be able to help me with something. I have been searching the web for MIDI files of my dad's songs, "A lover is forever" in particular. I have had no luck finding any of them on the web, and I was hoping you might be able to locate some for me, especially the one I mentioned above. If you or anyone else who reads this post hear of any sites which have them available for download, please let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Jessica

On Mon. Jan 12, 1998 1:4:51 EST
judy (jac@telepath.com) from oklahoma city wrote:

Jessica, if you see this, red pajamas has a listening room for steve's songs. you probably know this. I don't know if you can download those or not.

On Mon. Jan 12, 1998 11:27:31 EST
Beth Tindall (bethlyn@gocinci.net) from now from Cincinnati wrote:

Imagine my surprise when I found a 2 CD set at the local Media Play!! I have listened to it non-stop for 3 days, and still cry from happy sadness. I miss the days when I could head north to Chicago from college at ISU and take in a weekend of fun and friends. I was lucky enough to see Steve several times, and meet him once. I cry for his loss and smile at his gifts. I cry for my carefree teenaged years and smile that I don't live like that anymore. What a nice feeling -- something Steve Goodman's talent always gave me!! My husband is a new convert and we'll be checking out ohboy.com to see what other CDs we can snatch up. Thanks for the memories Steve and thanks for having been you!!

On Tue. Jan 13, 1998 1:8:14 EST
Ann Larson (larson@ok.azalea.net) from Muskogee, OK wrote:

I love Steve Goodman's music, but unfortunately I didn't really get to know it till after his death. I knew he had written "City Of New Orleans" and "You Never Even Called Me By My Name", but that was about it. My sister and our best friend got really interested in him in 1985 and got all his music they could get their hands on... I listened to it, too, and was very impressed with what I heard! I have also learned a lot about Steve from this web page. Obviously he was a very special person! The world is a much better place because he was here! We are very fortunate that he left so many wonderful gifts for us!

On Tue. Jan 13, 1998 11:16:54 EST
Will Warnock (pen-in-hand@msn.com) wrote:

I would like to know if the words and melody"Good morning America, how are ya ?" currently used in a laxative commercial are being used with permission, if so why? Does Steve's estate and family benefit from such use and if so is there a way to off-set any need. Any details would be welcome.wjw pen-in-hand@msn

On Tue. Jan 13, 1998 16:12:5 EST
Toby Gibson (tgibso@midwestern.edu) from Chi-town wrote:

Chi-Shorty, the Steve Goodman mailing list is once again up and running.
If you care to join go to the mailing list
and view the instructions. The list tend to be low volume but informative.


On Wed. Jan 14, 1998 18:39:48 EST

On Wed. Jan 14, 1998 19:0:28 EST
bob wynne (bob.wynne zelana.com) from lincolnshire il wrote:

is that video footage from the tribute concert going to be available,and does anyone out there have any video of steve at all

On Wed. Jan 14, 1998 19:5:17 EST
bob.wynne @zelana.com (same as above) from lincolnshire il wrote:

was that really jesse goodman that wrote in and if it is do you mind if i ask you a few questions about your dad?

On Thu. Jan 15, 1998 0:35:28 EST
Callahan Burke (callahan_burke@hotmail.com) from Jax Beach FL wrote:

my dad's songs, "A lover is forever"in particular>
I thought I knew 'em all, but I guess I could
be wrong, too. If you could hum me a few bars, or
offer additional information, I'll keep my eyes
and ears open.

On Thu. Jan 15, 1998 19:19:44 EST
bob wynne (bob.wynne@zelana.com) from lincolnshire il wrote:

i didn't want to sound like an idiot but,i,ve never seen or heard (a lover is forever) i thought something was a little wacky there if that song exists could someone tell us what album it was on.or maybe it is one of those songs that never made it on an album.hmmmmm.i remember going to wrigley field when i was a little kid and when it would rain we would go down stairs and very often there would be this cooky guy with a guitar who would play and sing he always had a crowd around him and we would listen for a couple minutes then go on our way i always thought he was an employee of the ball park.apparently not,i,m pretty sure now that it was steve goodman and me being a young 12 year old didn't pay much attention.youth is wasted on the young!i could have talked to him man am i an idiot!

On Thu. Jan 15, 1998 21:5:45 EST
wendy (whiltemann@hotmail.com) from ontario, canada wrote:

Something has been bugging me-I saw Steve in concert at Massey Hall here in Toronto in '77, & I'm sure he sang this song about a guy who runs off with a married woman-her husband was an amputee-and to give himself some extra time, he stole the guy's false leg, as well as his wife-thus the chorus of the song went "Im a three legged man, with a two legged woman, being chased by a one legged fool." help me on this one guys-has my memory gone as well as my muscle tone? whiltemann@hotmail.com

On Fri. Jan 16, 1998 0:59:29 EST
judy (jac@telepath.com) from oklahoma city, ok wrote:

Hey guys, a lover is forever was never recorded by steve. The people at red pajamas and ohboy were stunned when they heard it by trisha yearwood.

Steve wrote that song with fred knobloch and fred forgot about it. Trisha heard it at some time and liked it.

The song about the three legged man with a two legged woman bein' chased round the country by a one legged fool...its on artistic hair.

On Fri. Jan 16, 1998 19:45:56 EST

On Sat. Jan 17, 1998at. Jan 17, 1998 16:5:38 EST
wendy (whiltemann) from ontario wrote:

why is everything recently posted showing up in italics? Inquiring minds want to know.

On Sun. Jan 18, 1998 0:14:51 EST
judy cowart (jac@telepath.com) from oklahoma city, ok wrote:

wendy, i would like to receive email from you. if you wouldn't mind, that is.

Who knows about the itallics things...

On Sun. Jan 18, 1998 15:44:2 EST
wendy (whiltemann@hotmail.com) from ontario wrote:

Judy- bored on a sunday afternoon? Just me, and my laundry..Sure you can e-mail me-I was going to answer you directly but the italics make your address hard to read. Hope you can read mine-...whiltemann@hotmail.com

On Mon. Jan 19, 1998 14:6:54 EST
toby wrote:

Be careful of the htat html coding folks. Your errors will tranfer on down thru other messages.

On Tue. Jan 20, 1998 23:19:49 EST
wendy (whiltemann) wrote:

toby-what do you mean? Am I doing something wrong? Please don't tell me just by existing, but if something I'm doing is making everything go into italics-please let me know and I'll never post again-just a naif who doesn't really know what HTAT & HTML is (something about protocol according to my erudite husband) Tell me to go away and I will.

On Wed. Jan 21, 1998 2:44:34 EST
Cal Burke (callahan_burke@hotmail.com) from Jax Beach FL wrote:

3 Legged Man is from the pen - or mind, as the case may be - of Shel Silverstein, certainly one of the least sane hominids drawing breath today. He co-wrote What Have You Done For Me Lately? with Steve (by mail) on High And Outside. Thanx for the source on A Lover Is Forever, Judy. I'd still be lying awake nights if you hadn't enlightened me.

On Wed. Jan 21, 1998 10:54:26 EST

On Wed. Jan 21, 1998 17:35:3 EST
bill george (buffalobill2@earthlink.com) wrote:

On Sat. Jan 24, 1998 16:40:26 EST

On Sat. Jan 24, 1998 23:29:43 EST
Jesse Goodman (JesseGoodman@juno.com ) from Ny NY wrote:

Hi everyone! : ) Yes I am Steve's daughter Jesse. I would like to
thank you all for the kind words in your E-mail letters to me reguarding my father and my family.
It's nice to know that so many people care so much.

For all of you who asked about my family, we are all living in NY and doing very well.
My sisters and I are all in our twenties and persuing different careers.

I apologize for not being able to respond to all your E-mails personally, but I
have been quite busy working on a new business venture which I hope to have up and running soon.

I will do my best to answer any letters you send me personally and I promise to stop by the
bulletin board and post to you guys as much as possible,in case I am not able to answer them all.

Thanks again for all of the kind words and thoughts.


On Sun. Jan 25, 1998 21:16:29 EST


On Sun. Jan 25, 1998 21:37:16 EST
Paul Shelton (paul@shelton.com) from Tulsa, OK wrote:

I attended the tribute concert in Chicago to see some of my favorite
artists, not knowing who Steve was. What a wonderful discovery I made. I have now started my Steve Goodman CD collection but would very much like to own somethin with "The Ballad of Penny Evans." Is this available anywhere in any format?


On Mon. Jan 26, 1998 15:19:25 EST
Toby (tgibso@midwestern.edu) from Scrap Book wrote:

About Penny Evans
If you go to the discography page, you'll find the albums that
Penny Evans appears on.

Problem is the song was originally done on Somebody Else's Trouble.
One of the two two Buddah records. It was released in limited numbers
on CD but quite frankly you'll have better luck finding the LP.

It is also on The Original Steve Goodman, The Essential Steve Goodman, and City Of New Orleans.
These three CDs are various combinations of the two Buddah LPs put out thru different distributors.

It didn't make it to the anthology.
It does appear on some bootlegs, one in particular being the
"WFMT Tribute Show", done at the time of his death.

You mat want to go to CD Now and see if any of these CDs are in stock.

On Mon. Jan 26, 1998 15:24:21 EST
Toby (same place) from The Scrap book wrote:

See the previous message. I screwed up the links. Forgot about the cgi-local scripting thingey goind on
This will take you to the Discography Page
and this will take you to CD Now

Sorry 'bout that


On Sun. Feb 1, 1998 18:10:24 EST
judy (jac@telepath.com) from oklahoma city, ok wrote:

the album with a lover is forever is trisha's everybody knows. i mentioned this before but since i haave been asked again, i thought i'd post it again. Trisha does a great job on that song...i think steve would have been pleased about it.

On Sun. Feb 1, 1998 19:2:44 EST
Peter (Peterolle@aol.com) from Maryland wrote:

On Mon. Feb 2, 1998 12:43:36 EST
Don Pehta (dpehta@aol.com) from Mpls wrote:

Wanted to Buy:
Jessies Jig and other favorites.

Anybody out there got an extra LP or tape?!

On Mon. Feb 2, 1998 15:58:30 EST

On Wed. Feb 4, 1998 13:20:34 EST
Patrick Hume wrote:

On Wed. Feb 4, 1998 13:25:8 EST
Patrick Hume (patrick_hume@reyrey.com) from Dayton, OH wrote:

I'm trying, desparately, to find some videos of Steve Goodman. I know he was on Austin City Limits, but nobody there or at my local PBS affiliate knows when it will be rebroadcast. Does anyone have some video footage they would duplicate for me. I'm happy to pay for it.
Patrick Hume
8764 Cottonwood Pl.
Springboro, OH 45066
Phone: (937) 485-2301
(937) 885-3953

On Wed. Feb 4, 1998 13:25:38 EST

On Sat. Feb 7, 1998 19:20:14 EST

On Sun. Feb 8, 1998 14:25:55 EST
Dolly Zander (ZanderD@aol.com) from Denver, Colorado wrote:

Anyone interested in Steve Goodman songs co-written with Michael Smith (or just Michael Smith songs that Stevie recorded), please contact me as I administer Smith's catalog. Thank you.

On Mon. Feb 9, 1998 23:1:33 EST

On Tue. Feb 10, 1998 18:59:44 EST
Larkin Greene (lgreene@foothill.net) from Roseville, Calif wrote:

Does anyone know where I can get a video of Steve's
Austin City Limits performances in 1977 and 1982?

On Wed. Feb 11, 1998 15:42:36 EST

On Wed. Feb 11, 1998 16:22:19 EST

On Sat. Feb 14, 1998 18:25:46 EST

On Sat. Feb 14, 1998 18:39:46 EST

On Sun. Feb 15, 1998 3:11:29 EST
Mark Dieter (mddpe@epix.net) from PA wrote:

Does anybody know where I can get a recording of
Steve's version of "There I can get a recording of
Steve's version of "The Glory of Love".
I believe it was on the "Words we can dance to" album.

On Fri. Feb 20, 1998 21:48:29 EST
Bear (Bearshots@aol.com) wrote:

Her's to all Steve G. fans everywhere! I have a Tattoo that says "Friends gone but not forgotten", and one of the banners says Steve G. ( for Steve Goodman). He saved my life with his songs. It ain't as shallow as it sounds. If Jenny Shackelfordc from Faairly Straight College in Bouge Rapids is out there, Please Dear Friend e-mail me! We saw Steve at ND b/4 FSC and I gave you an 8-track, I'd just like to be back in touch with you and aTom!-Scott (bear)

On Sun. Feb 22, 1998 16:27:18 EST

On Sun. Feb 22, 1998 16:39:23 EST
Marlene (mrosol@ipass.net) from Raleigh, NC wrote:

So happy to see people out there who love Steve as much as I do. He changed my life. I met him in 1979 in New York and went to every concert he appeared at in NY after that. He always gave me a hug and spent time after a show talking with me. He autographed a few albums of mine (before the days of CDs) and they are my prized possessions! When I met my husband (who is from Chicago), our first conversation was about Stevie. We even went to Chicago on our honeymoon and went to the Earl of Old Town! I'm glad that his daughters are doing well. Steve was a genius -- a man who could make you laugh, cry, and dance, all at the same time. I feel privileged to have known him.

On Wed. Feb 25, 1998 13:19:24 EST
Guy Wilson (dmignw.peop.tdsnet.com) from Fort Payne, Al. wrote:

I just listened to Mr. Goodman for the first time, where has my head been all these years? I was very impressed. As a long time Jimmy Buffett fan, I've known of Steve, but I never heard him. I've never seen an album in a store or anything, but thanks to the internet I've been enlightened. I just ordered another CD! I wish I could've seen him in concert. Steve Goodman, America's best kept secret!

On Thu. Feb 26, 1998 22:39:56 EST

I was thrilled to find so many other Goodman fans out there. I first saw Steve in South Bend Indiana and have been hooked ever since. Red Pajamas has done a great job keeping Steve's music alive and available. Still can't beat Steve's version of Take Me Out to the Ballgame. All of us Red Sox fans can identify with Dying Cub Fan's Last request.

On Thu. Mar 5, 1998 0:30:35 EST
Jim (jimalt@minn.net) from Minnesota wrote:

Does anyone out there have the chords to "Would You Like To Learn To Dance", "I Can't Sleep", or "The Dutchman"?


On Thu. Mar 12, 1998 13:20:21 EST
Russ Locke (Lochaerie@aol.com) from So. California wrote:

I'm looking for the chords to "In real Life"...which is on the "Unfinished Business" album...can anybody help?

On Fri. Mar 13, 1998 5:54:45 EST
Bear (Bearshots@aol.com) from Kingston,NY wrote:

Hey, Sullnd, was that the show I posted just above yours? I'm looking for an old friend from Niles and who knows where now that was at that show too. She went to Ferris and that's where we met. That you?-bear

On Sun. Mar 15, 1998 14:21:1 EST
graham owen (graham.owen@huddinge.mail.telia.com) from Stockholm.Sweden wrote:

The Easter Tapes had just arrived, courtesy of the Internet, and with City of New Orleans in the background I found this page. I'm a fan of Steves going back to the early 80's, when I saw him perform at the Bijou CafÈ in Philly. Glad to see that there is so much interest in him - keep his music alive and playing!

On Sun. Mar 15, 1998 14:22:17 EST

On Mon. Mar 16, 1998 19:4:54 EST
Skip Voitik (skipster@sprintmail.com) from Kansas City, Mo wrote:

I'm originally from Evanston. If I'm not mistaken I first heard Steve live in 1972 at Amazing Grace, on Northwestern's campus (another whole topic in itself.) Like everyone here I miss him first, and his music a close second, because the first thing that came across was this vibrant humanity. His songwriting and recordings were terrific, but they cannot convey the way that short little guy would get to bouncing on his toes, and laughing for the sheer joy of it when he played in front of a crowd. Maybe someone here remembers a concert at Northeastern Illinois Univ. when he played backed up by Jethro & Johnny Burns, members of the Famous Potatoes & others. It was powerful magic. One of the most poignant moments of my life came in 1984, in early October when I returned from a month away. I called my best friend, Freddie Stambaugh. He didn't say Hi, or How are you, he said, "Steve Goodman died." I've had few more sobering moments than this in my life. Lastly, I too would love to get a copy of the chords to "Would You Like To Learn To Dance", should anyone know them.

On Mon. Mar 23, 1998 17:40:39 EST

On Thu. Mar 26, 1998 16:3:56 EST
hettie taylor (hettiet@hotmail.com) from illinois wrote:

Looking for info on videos of Steve Goodman and where to find CDs of his music. Steve's music is great and still rings true. Penny Evans is a classic. This is my first time using an internet bulletin board. So don't hurt my feelings by not responding (My friend, Michelle, told me to put that last part in). No, we're not 12 year olds, but we spend all day with them. Seriously, seeking fellow Goodman fans just going about it in an unusual way. Isn't the internet great?

On Thu. Mar 26, 1998 16:6:3 EST

On Thu. Mar 26, 1998 19:41:14 EST
Michael Gutierrez (nursing@gte.com) from Southern California wrote:

I'm glad I saw him as often as I did, in L.A. at the Troubadour mostly. Lots of really clear memories on him onstage, usually hiding John Prine somewhere, but my favorite is seeing him in the audience at the old Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, watching Jesse Winchester and Ralph McTell. I asked him between sets where he was going to play next, and he said "In Canada, actually." I joked and told him I'd be there. As I turned to walk away he stopped me, grabbed and shook my hand, and said warmly, "Hey. Thanks a lot for asking." He meant it, too.

On Sat. Mar 28, 1998 3:53:59 EST
Art Cohen (artc@ccssd.com) from San Diego, CA wrote:

My first cousins (who lived in Chicago) introduced
my sisters and I to Steve's music one summer when
we'd traveled out from the crazy West Coast to
visit. Love at first listen. I have good memories
of seeing Steve live at the Roxy in LA, but after
reading an earlier post, it might have been at the
Golden Bear. John Prine was in the wings and they
played together for a bit. My fondest desire through
college was to produce a concert with the two of
them. I really pushed the cultural arts board at
San Diego State to sponsor it...but they were too
short sighted. Then in '84 my dream became an
impossibility. It is a great gift to give such
joy to people even years after being gone. Something
to which we can all aspire. My blessings to Steve's
family and to you all.

On Sun. Mar 29, 1998 1:10:16 EST
Tara (Tande11@aol.com) from Grafton, WV wrote:

Hello to all. I'm looking for chords to Goodman songs. I'm a huge fan of Goodman, John Prine, and Nanci Griffith. Actually, I'm a huge fan of music in general.... and have been all of my life. I'm sorry to say, that I didn't become introduced to Steve Goodman until after his death (I was 11). If anyone knows a site that lists chords, I would greatly appreciate it if you'd email me if you'd email me.... I don't get to browse as often as I'd like, but I do check my mail regularly. Thanks!!

On Mon. Mar 30, 1998 9:55:48 EST
Michael (Michael@sonicsound.com) from Chicago wrote:

I would love to locate any videos of Steve....and any update on the live CD of the Medinah tribute?? thanks

On Wed. Apr 1, 1998 17:19:9 EST
hettietaylor (hettietaylor@hotmail.com) from illinois wrote:

searching for info on Steve Goodman CDs or video tapes. I just discovered the internet last summer,and was amazed to find other folks who remember and enjoy Steve Goodman's songs. Penny Evans is one of the BEST. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Austin City Limits video or any others that are available?
Is this all supposed to go on one line?

On Fri. Apr 3, 1998 19:44:15 EST
Ron Browne (kitron@log.on.ca) from Canada wrote:

Not many old farts are Parrotheads, and by way of that, Goodman fans, but I am. Naturally my terms of reference include Jerry Jeff Walker and Jesse Whinchester. Of the new artists Jimmy Dale Gilkome looks promising. Thanks for keeping the memory of a talented artist alive.

On Wed. Apr 8, 1998 0:50:7 EDT

On Wed. Apr 8, 1998 0:54:31 EDT
Art Thieme (folkart@ivnet.com) from Peru, Illinois wrote:

There's a great thread at Mudcat Cafe---"Who Is Steve Goodman?"

Check it out. Many folks have posted memories of Steve there---me too.
Art Thieme

On Thu. Apr 9, 1998 2:47:45 EDT
R. Smith (bluespilgrim@uswest.net) from Saint Paul, Minnesota wrote:

It's nice to find this bulletin board where I can share my feelings about Steve Goodman. It's been almost 14 years since he's left us, and I still grieve his loss.
Steve was able to reach into my soul and feel what I feel. No other musician has ever been able to do this. I remember all the times I'd seen him in concert, and it
was never a case of me going to see him, but more a case of his coming to see me. He had such a beautiful yet humorous way of looking at life that was so refreshing
I was lucky enough to meet him once, and he was such an approchable and kind person, that I'll never forget him.
God how I miss him. Thanks, Steve, for all the good times you gave me with your music, and your irrepressable spirit.

On Thu. Apr 9, 1998 20:48:5 EDT

On Thu. Apr 9, 1998 20:48:48 EDT

On Fri. Apr 10, 1998 16:57:48 EDT
Dave & Jerry (dstobbe@mb.sympatico.ca) from manitoba wrote:

We're looking for the lyrics for:
"You never even call me by my name"
Can anyone help?
Our old vinyl is missing the last verse
talking about his mother coming hoem from prison

On Sun. Apr 12, 1998 17:2:49 EDT

On Fri. Apr 17, 1998 12:0:8 EDT
Noah (NBudin@aol.com) from Cleveland, OH wrote:

I hope someone can help me: I am doing some research and need to know if Steve was Jewish. I am a folk singer and am preparing a concert of Jewish sonwriters and would love to use CONO. Please e-mail me if you can help. Thanks.

On Sun. Apr 26, 1998 1:10:57 EDT
judy cowart (jac@telepath.com) from oklahoma city, ok wrote:

in response to the person who wondered if stevie was jewish? i think he was. a comment was made in the book that came with the double cdset no big surprise about his being jewish.

On Thu. Apr 30, 1998 18:5:12 EDT

On Thu. Apr 30, 1998 18:23:42 EDT
Bob Burnston (rburnston@aol.com) from New Jersey wrote:

I saw Steve perform live at the Philadelphia Folk
Festival sometime in the mid-70's. I was a
Festival volunteer, so I was working and didn't
get to watch the whole concert.

But I remember, like it was yesterday, looking up
at the stage in the early evening twilight. Steve
came out, stuck his hands in his pockets, and
proceeded to do "Penny Evans" a cappella.

The Vietnam war was still current events at
the time, and that song brought tears to my
eyes. It still does...

On Tue. May 5, 1998 15:40:23 EDT

On Tue. May 5, 1998 20:15:52 EDT
Larkin Greene (lgreene@foothill.net) from Roseville, California wrote:

I think this whole thing kinda sucks. While I greatly enjoy the memories and music of Steve Goodman, I'm sure I speak for everyone who has visited Goodman sites that we feel extreme frustration at not being able to preserve the experience of such an inspiring artist and human being. I have every purchased every Steve Goodman recording I can lay hands on, but it's not enough. It doesn't replace the magic of seeing his face, watching his deceptively simple guitar playing, and knowing that he understood a part of the human experience that the rest of us can quite grasp. There is still this hollow feeling at not being able to get sheet music, guitar cords, or video, which is the only way to satisfy this strange need to feel connected to Steve. Who among us would not pay dearly for some video footage of Steve's Austin City Limits appearances, or rendition of 'My Old Man'? Didn't Al Bunetta ever produce real sheet music for Steve? How can we get ACL to rerun the best concert they'll ever produce? I gotta tell you people, visiting this site creates nothing but depression and disappointment for me.....maybe there aren't any answers.

On Tue. May 5, 1998 20:19:31 EDT

On Fri. May 8, 1998 18:12:10 EDT
George Ziegele (jerryw@multipro.com) from Crossville, TN wrote:

looking for video of steve's appearance onaustin city limits or any other live performance, video or audio.thanks.

On Tue. May 12, 1998 11:54:29 EDT

On Thu. May 14, 1998 9:57:45 EDT
toby (blindkat@hotmail.com) from or tgbiso@midwestern.edu wrote:

Haven't done the News&Stuff Page but thought you'd like to know that Jesse's Jig is slated for release on June 9.
Last I heard, A Gatthering is still set for May, 19th but that date keeps getting bumped.


On Fri. May 15, 1998 7:14:49 EDT
Les Bridges (Lyndawb@webtv.com ) from wrote:

steve was hell-on-wheels when he attacked the
pin ball machine at the Sneak Joint!

On Tue. May 19, 1998 13:3:14 EDT
jdz (jdzabinesq@hotmail.com) from New Haven, CT wrote:

Is anyone else as mad as I am that ExLax is using City of New Orleans in its commercials? "Good morning America how are you?" (regular yet?)!!!!!

On Tue. May 19, 1998 14:11:29 EDT
Kate Weekes from Ottawa Ontario wrote:

I'm too young to have ever met Steve but my father and sister did and I'm extremely jelous. I love his music and I think it's wonderful that so many people have been affected by his music. Thanks.

oking for chords to Goodman songs. I'm a huge fan of Goodman, John Prin

On Tue. June 2, 1998 10:7:33 EDT

On Thu. June 4, 1998 3:18:3 EDT
Dan (dromain@concentric.net) from LA (Chicago at heart) wrote:

I'm rediscovering my acoustic guitar and finding solace in the songs of Steve Goodman. How can I go about getting some sheet music so I can learn his tunes?

On Sat. June 13, 1998 22:30:59 EDT
Scott Ogden (Bearshots@aol.com) from Upstate NY, but the universe wrote:

It's my birthday tommorrow and I still miss my friend Steve. Though I never met him, he saved my live with the song "The Ducthman", I think 'd have gone insane and ended it IF NOT for some of Steve's songs that taught me to cin up and carry on-Bear

On Tue. June 23, 1998 21:26:28 EDT

On Sat. June 27, 1998 11:44:56 EDT
Bob Pruter (pruter@mediaone.net) from Elmhurst, IL wrote:

Two things:

1. Someone asked if Steve Goodman was Jewish. Yes he was.
Although not a real observant one, he went through
all the life changes observing Jewish customs and rites.

2. For an example of how bad the book publishing field is,
I ask take a glance in your local book store for a
book called Disco Duck And Other Adventures In Novelty
Music, by one Ace Collins. In it, he has a write-up on
"You Never Even Call Me By My Name," where he repeatedly
describes Steve as a "Nashville songwriter." Mr. Collins
has to be one of the worst researchers on this planet
to come up with that nonsence.

On Mon. June 29, 1998 10:11:50 EDT
Gary Jacobs (starman@texoma.net) from McKinney, TX wrote:

I got to see Steve in Chicago at Chicagofest a year before he died. To this day I still tell friends that his concert was the best concert I ever heard. I never had more fun listening to someone sing and play his music. I remember the band Alabama was playing in the main stadium and Steve was playing on a small stage outside the stadium. There were only about one hundred of us if that. It was really great. I know if he were alive today, he would have a following like Jimmy Buffett, just because of the person he was. He will always be on the top of my list of musicians.

On Mon. June 29, 1998 20:35:52 EDT

On Mon. June 29, 1998 20:35:52 EDT

On Tue. July 21, 1998 20:45:57 EDT
The Voice (bluehwys@inlink.com) from St. Louis, Missouri, USA wrote:

A 2 hour radio tribute to Steve's memory this Saturday, 25 July 1998 (his 50th).
Tune in!! KDHX St. Louis (MO) Community Radio is where it's at and we're streaming on the web. Download free Streamworks softward to listen at 28.8 or faster....
The Voice

On Tue. July 21, 1998 20:48:14 EDT
The Voice (bluehwys@inlink.com) from St. Louis, MO, USA wrote:

Oh, yeah, that'll be 8:00-10:00 a.m. (that's in the morning, y'all) Central Time.
email your comments or requests.......

On Wed. July 22, 1998 19:19:20 EDT

On Sun. July 26, 1998 8:28:57 EDT
Marlene (mrosol@ipass.net) from Raleigh, NC wrote:

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, STEVE! We're all celebrating with you and singing your songs!

On Wed. Aug 12, 1998 23:27:38 EDT

On Wed. Aug 12, 1998 23:38:2 EDT
jim boland (jhb@ moscow .com) from moscow idaho wrote:

Does anyone know the words to

Talk Backwards between "excuse me miss"

and "am I gettin through to you yet"

Can't figure them out!!

Thanks for your help!!

On Fri. Aug 14, 1998 2:51:53 EDT

On Tue. Aug 18, 1998 17:9:44 EDT
Alan Ritter (jar@storz.com) from St. Louis, MO wrote:

Looking for a copy of "The Steve Goodman
Song Book", any condition as long as it's
complete and legible.

Anyone out there have a copy they're dying to

On Sat. Aug 22, 1998 21:57:14 EDT

On Mon. Aug 24, 1998 15:36:4 EDT

On Thu. Aug 27, 1998 22:46:43 EDT

On Fri. Aug 28, 1998 11:2:6 EDT
Paul (Schlesinger@Alcalde-Fay.com) from Arlington, Virginia wrote:

I only saw Steve once; at the Bayou in DC very early (I think) in 1982. It was truly one of the best shows I ever saw. He did a baseball song in which (at least in part) he rhymed the names of baseball players . . . some of whom were very obscure, such as Jose Valdiviso. As with the whole show, it was great fun. Does anybody remember the show or the song, or have a tape of either? I'd love to hear from you.

On Fri. Aug 28, 1998 17:46:40 EDT

On Mon. Sept 7, 1998 7:45:40 EDT
Tommy Mahoney (tmahoney@web-o.net) from Port Orchard, Washington wrote:

I'm a "hack" acoustic guitar player who fell in love with Stevies songs and musianship sadly only before his passing. Go Slammin' Sammy Soza! Stevie would be stoked! I digress.. But what I would love is as complete as possible, song book with lyric & chords of his work. Can anyone tell me where I could purchase one?
My best to Nancy..

On Thu. Sept 10, 1998 0:43:33 EDT
jeff brown (lazlo@wvc.net) from vincennes, indiana wrote:

My wife, Bev, and I have been fans of Steve's for
a long time, (me since the early 70's at Charlotte's
Web in Rockford, Il.) and she since she met me. I
am writing here simply to vent...a dear friend of
ours is likely to die from the big "C" sometime
soon. This has brought me to thinking about dying.
I'm 43, and I have lost people before, and will
again, obviously. ALso, my mom has a shrine to
Elvis, I always made fun of that, but I'm sitting
here looking up at the Charlotte's Web poster from
September of 70? (with Greg Brown), and my auto-
graphed "Artistic Hair" album, and the ticket
stubs, the 1983 Ray Schultz pen and ink drawing,
the Somebody Else's Troubles Two drink minimum
table tent we stole from his club...I guess Mom
wasn't so far off. I cried tonight for my friend,
but some of those tears were for Stevie, please
pray for my friend Mary Sue, and while you're at
it, say "Hi" to Stevie for me, when he's in
between sets.

On Wed. Sept 16, 1998 10:58:14 EDT

On Wed. Sept 16, 1998 16:21:38 EDT
bob wynne (bob_ wynne@hotmail.com) wrote:

That was a very touching message.I will say a prayer for your friend. and bless you for asking
for my friends on the list this is my new Email Address my old one is closed. and hello to Jessie Goodman If you are out there

On Thu. Sept 17, 1998 9:34:35 EDT

On Wed. Sept 30, 1998 21:56:3 EDT
Andrew Fignar jr. (drew40@mindspring.com) from Michigan wrote:

I have a number of Live Goodman tapes for trade only. Will trade for same. Audio and video

On Sat. Oct 3, 1998 19:12:5 EDT


On Mon. Oct 5, 1998 14:12:6 EDT
Lynn (Lclars@worldnet.att.net) from North Dakota wrote:

Being a displaced Chicagoan, I sometimes think
about the god times I had listening to Steve G.
playing at Illinois State University New Friends of
Old Time Music. It was in the old school cafeteria
on Sat nights (I think). Everyone knew everyone else
and Steve recognized that fact.
I was living in Minneapolis when he died, just a couple
of years after my own husband died of cancer. No
one there knew of Steve Goodman, nor did they care.

When the Cubbies get close I hear Steve singing the
dying cub fan blues...and I still hum the Lincoln
Park Pirates whenever I go to the trendy parts of
Chicago to visit.

Thanks for keeping this site.

Next year the Cubbies will win ;-)

On Tue. Oct 6, 1998 23:24:15 EDT
Margaret Callicrate (MCCallicrat@AOL.com) wrote:

I would love to see High and Outside some back on CD! Though I love the early stuff, I saw Steve perform this in Portlaand Oregon in the late seventies. It was great! Please release this soon!

On Sat. Oct 10, 1998 18:37:8 EDT
Bob Nelson (raccooney@prodigy.net) from Beverly,MA wrote:

Always wanted to check out Steve's stuff after
hearing "A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request" as part
of "Baseball's Greatest Hits";bought the two-CD
anthology from Red Pajamas.It's great! My faves
include "Talk Backwards", "You Better Get It
While You Can", "Watching Joey Glow", "Go Cubs
Go","City of New Orleans",and "Lincoln Park
Pirates". Steve was very funny and talented,and
it was such a shame that he died so young.

I played some of his blues-ier songs on my
non-commercial radio blues show,and got some nice phone calls about it.By the way,if you like "The Ballad of Carl Martin",there is an album of Carl's stuff available on the Testament label.

Where exactly in Chicago was Steve from?I have
visited that city twice in the past 2 years;last
time,I was in what I think was Lincoln Park--
was he from there?(I did also visit one of his
favorite haunts both years--Wrigley Field!!)

Finally,was a little disturbed to see that "some
wacky guy" named Steve Goodman--but not the
Steve we're talking about--set up a website called
www.stevegoodman.com, or something like that.
Sure,he has the same name,but I was a bit
disappointed that I got a "false alarm" when I
visited THAT site.Oh well.

On Wed. Oct 14, 1998 4:24:53 EDT

On Wed. Oct 14, 1998 4:25:15 EDT

On Wed. Oct 14, 1998 4:25:16 EDT

On Mon. Oct 26, 1998 2:55:3 EST
Ron (easley_s@email.msn.com) from chicago wrote:

I've been a fan of John Prine for about 25 years. I came to know Steve's music because of his association with John Prine. Unfortunately, I didn't really begin to appreciate his music until after he died. I think he was one of the best ballad writers I have ever heard and like a lot of people here I have been searching for tabs, chords, and lyrics with very little succes. So if anyone has found a source or web site, please let me know.

On Wed. Nov 4, 1998 14:38:11 EST

On Wed. Nov 11, 1998 13:59:57 EST
Jan K (loon@marktwain.net) from missouri wrote:

I had tickets to a concert, but Steve was ill, had to cancel so i missed out. Have most of his albums on vinayl
With the cubbies success this year made this kids listen to Steves songs over and over. They thought mom had really flipped.
Wouldn't o fHarry and Steve really liked the season? Sammy and Kerry and the rest? Steve and my mom died about the same time, and I will aleays remeber America being robbed of a great artist.

On Wed. Nov 11, 1998 14:4:35 EST
Jan K (loon@marktwain.net) from Missouri wrote:

Have most of Steve's stuff on good old fashioned vinyl. During the Cubs successful run this year I forced my teenagers to listen to Steve over and over. He would of loved the 98 Cubs. I have a feeling that Harry was not the only angel in the outfield. Thanks Steve!!!

On Wed. Nov 11, 1998 14:5:16 EST
Jan K (loon@marktwain.net) from Missouri wrote:

Have most of Steve's stuff on good old fashioned vinyl. During the Cubs successful run this year I forced my teenagers to listen to Steve over and over. He would of loved the 98 Cubs. I have a feeling that Harry was not the only angel in the outfield. Thanks Steve!!!

On Fri. Nov 13, 1998 19:0:23 EST



On Wed. Nov 25, 1998 15:52:23 EST
drew f hines (drewbarbpi@uzoom.net) from mechanicsville, md wrote:

met steve in "76-my life was never the same...every time he came to DC i would see him (crash his dressing room, beg a guitar lesson, etc...). he was one of the world's GRANDEST humans...an inspiration...

On Thu. Nov 26, 1998 12:54:24 EST
Chuck Morse (chuck_morse@compuserve.com) from Gaithersburg, MD wrote:

Each January, for the past 13 years, the World Folk Music Association in Washington, DC has put on a wonderful benefit folk concert. Two years ago the event was expanded to a weekend festival of 3 concerts. This year's festival featured a tribute to John Denver, and in 1999, since "The 20th Century is Almost Over", the festival will feature a tribute to Steve Goodman and his music. Several of Steve's fellow perfomers and friends will be participating in the tribute concert on Friday, January 15, 1999. At this time the list includes: Ed Holstein, Anne Hills, Bonnie Koloc, Jim Post and Michael Smith. On that same evening, Tommy Makem will be the recipient of WFMA's Lifetime Achievement Award. On Saturday afternoon, January 16, there will be a "New Folk" Concert featuring several up-and-coming folk perfomers. The final concert of the weekend, on Saturday evening will include Robin Bateau, David Buskin and the Testostertones, Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen, Carolyn Hester and many others. For more information about this benefit festival and to see pictures of past WFMA benefit concerts, you can go to the World Folk Music Association Home Page. If the link in the last sentence does not work, you can get there by going to http://w3.to/wfma and it will redirect you to the WFMA Home page.

Chuck Morse

On Thu. Jan 21, 1999 14:34:57 EST
testing wrote:

is this thing on.

On Thu. Jan 21, 1999 16:53:39 EST
thomas young (buffettboy@hotmail.com) from hotmail wrote:

On Sun. Jan 24, 1999 11:3:23 EST
Robert Baker (bakerbob@flash.net) from Fort Worth Texas wrote:

Could some one tell me where to find the lyrics
and chords to "That's what friends are for". I can't
seem to find them on the web?


On Sun. Jan 24, 1999 17:42:41 EST
david (davedgooch@aol) from fargo wrote:

On Sun. Jan 24, 1999 18:9:29 EST
david (davedgooch@aol) from fargo wrote:

okay SG was great, and I also didn't get on board until the train had left the tracks, (like I did with Diana Washington and Sarha Vaughn ) but what can I do now, If you know of anyone other than Prine, Buffet, John Gorka, and Ann Reed, that is carring the torch high, lighting the way, let me know, I love to find new music to love.

On Sat. Jan 30, 1999 23:48:55 EST
gini (gini@usit.net) from knoxville, tn wrote:

looking for sources of steve goodman videos - any commercial releases out there??


On Sun. Jan 31, 1999 21:24:45 EST

On Sun. Jan 31, 1999 21:28:41 EST
fuck you (suck it) from hell wrote:


On Sun. Jan 31, 1999 21:42:7 EST
w from canada wrote:

nice comment from "hell". As my gran used to say, "If you can't say anything nice about someone, SAY NOTHING!" Pls don't sully this site.

On Fri. Feb 5, 1999 14:40:28 EST

On Sat. Feb 6, 1999 10:41:54 EST
Larry (LTO8284@AOL.com) from Harrisburg, PA wrote:

I first heard Steve on the John Prine debut LP when I was a college DJ - got on board with the
"Steve Goodman" Buddah LP & have been a crazed fan ever since. Saw him many times in Phila. What a
showman...the last time I made sure he had to walk by me when leaving the stage.(boy, was he short).
I told him I'd seen him many times & that night's performance was the best yet. His personality showed thru when he replied with a smile on his face & twinkle in his eye "Gee, thanks a lot man." He did a Motown set that night that was beyond words - he had the whole place jumpin'. It's a shame that side of Steve isn't available - although the Easter Tapes come pretty close...thanks for the chance to share these thoughts...I thought I was the only fan out there...I'm a neophite to the web & just found you...great job...I'll be back!

On Mon. Feb 8, 1999 18:47:22 EST
Pat Coffey (Patman4980@Yahoo.com) from Mendota Il. wrote:

Some overextended Nirvana punk must have fallen in here on Jan 31st. Kinda smells like a rotten teen spirit!!! Glad to see someone fixed the message board. Come on you old hippies, lets put some more memories on the screen. NBC has a miniseries this week called the 60's. I find it very difficult to believe that anyone who actually lived through that time has any recollection of it..Later

On Wed. Feb 10, 1999 0:50:4 EST
Michael ONeill (eyesopen@michael-oneill.com) from Gig Harbor,Wa. wrote:

Thanks for the Steve Goodman stop !!! I needed this. I saw Steve several times in Seattle in the mid to late 70'loved his stuff !! Thanks and check us out www.michael-oneill.com

On Sat. Feb 13, 1999 1:47:57 EST

On Mon. Feb 15, 1999 22:21:2 EST
Jesse Goodman (jessg@nais.com) from Nyc. N.Y. wrote:

I just wanted to tell everyone thanks for keeping mydad's music so alive so many years after his death.The bullition board was a very pleasant suprise to run into tonight.Thanks again. Feel free to email me if you like.

On Tue. Feb 23, 1999 12:44:43 EST

On Wed. Feb 24, 1999 15:1:5 EST


On Sun. Mar 7, 1999 5:9:45 EST
John (jpwysor@gte.net) from Durham, NC wrote:

There was a sale of cut-out records in "the pit" on the campus at UNC around 1975 and a friend told me that the "Essential Steve Goodman" might be an OK buy. I had never heard of the man, but I had liked the "Essential Duane Allman" so I went the two bucks it cost to take that record home. One listen of Yellow Coat, The Dutchman, and Don't Do Me Any Favors, I was hooked. Steve was a story-teller and humorist on a par with Twain, a song-writer to equal Lennon and McCartney, and a guitarist any fast-pickin' blue-grass band would be proud to back.
The war was not really over, and Penny Evans laid it out right in front of us, like it or not. I tried to see Steve perform live, but it didn't happen. I grabbed everything he released that I could get my hands on though. Tossin' and Turnin'. Watcing Joey Glow. I quoted his songs in my newsletters for my business. What Goodman produced was America: its sense of humor, the folklore, the tall-tales, and not the least, the music. And America will not fare as well without him. So I guess that's what I wanted to bring up, that Steve's storytelling was tall tales, and promo's, and dead teen-age girls, and baseball, and America. We all found a friend in Steve Goodman.

On Mon. Mar 8, 1999 3:40:58 EST
carrie (carriedidlake@hotmail.com) from jackson, mississippi wrote:

i wonder about steve's children and nancy. are they ok? steve just brought such light and wisdom into my life. i am very grateful to him, and i always liked that his family was made known to his fans on album covers. i also like the idea that maybe 'chicken cordon blues" was about macrobiotics. was it?

On Sat. Mar 13, 1999 0:26:15 EST

On Sat. Mar 13, 1999 0:35:50 EST
Dan Thomson (thumbson@aol.com) from Kansas City Mo. wrote:

I saw him in concert in about '71 or so at Washington U. in St. Louis. He made enough of an impression that here I am on this web sight 28 years later and I don't usually do this sort of thing. I still sing a tune in the shower entitled Spoon River. It has otherwise disappeared from existence as far as I can tell unless somebody out ther can help me find it. "All of the river boat gamblers are losing their shirts and all of the brave Union soldier boys sleep in the dirt. But you know and I know there never was reason to hurt when all of our lives were entwined to begin with here in spoon river" etc. etc.. A great ballad where is it? Can anyone help me?

On Tue. Mar 16, 1999 11:28:40 EST
mocarski (tmocars@execpc.com) from wisconsin wrote:

Kinda of hard today to sing or hear "City of New Orleans" after the train wreck last night. I hope Steve's singing them a happier tune today.

On Wed. Mar 17, 1999 10:55:0 EST
Karla (karlaterp@aol.com) from Philadelphia PA wrote:

On Wed. Mar 17, 1999 11:2:18 EST
Karla (karlaterp@aol.com) from Philadelphia PA wrote:

I have had "City of New Orleans" running through my head ever since I heard of the train wreck. Heck, Steve even mentions Kankakee in the song. And one of the news stories mentioned Steve and his song as the reason Amtrak decided to name the train after the old Illinois Central route. Most of the stories only mention Arlo's version of the song.

All of this is doubly ironic for me because I just got "No Big Surprise" a few weeks ago and have been playing it CONSTANTLY.

On Sat. Mar 20, 1999 0:6:1 EST
Ken C (chrikr@megsinet.com) from NW Burbs, IL wrote:

This site is fantastic find! I've often thought about Steve over the years. Saw him a dozen times around the Chicago area. There was just never anything like the warm emotion and pure joy he brought to a live performance. I feel sorry for all those who never had a chance to see him perform.

I was always amazed at his gutar playing too! The live side of 'No Big Surprise' gives a taste of seeing him perform.

Jim Post does a tribute to Steve that is good enough to make you remember just how great Steve was.

It was nice to see Jessica's name on the board here, I immediately went "Jessie Jig!!!" Oh yeah!

Just wanted to say that your dad brought a lot of joy into people's lives.

On Sat. Mar 20, 1999 18:3:58 EST

On Tue. Mar 30, 1999 22:47:5 EST

On Fri. Apr 2, 1999 21:59:21 EST
Larry (LTO8284@aol.com) from Harrisburg, PA wrote:

Dan Thomson - You can find "Spoon River" on:
Jessie's Jig & Other Favorites (1975-Asylum LP 7E-1037-A) and
Steve Goodman - The Best of The Asylum Years, Vol. 2 (1989-Red Pajamas Records CD RPJ007CD) and
I know Red Pajamas was working on getting the rights to Jessie's Jig - I may have even seen it.
If your really hot for it & can't find it write:
Red Pajamas Records
PO Box 36E77
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Good Luck,

On Tue. Apr 6, 1999 14:18:41 EDT
Paul D. Law (PaulLaw@aol.com) from Brooklyn,NY wrote:

I heard a song years ago by Steve Goodman that starts off with the words:
"Would you like to learn to dance..."

I'd like to get a copy of that song. Anyone know it's name and availability?

On Thu. Apr 8, 1999 3:52:58 EDT
Tom Mahoney (tmahoney@web-o.net) from Port Orchard, Washington wrote:

I've been listening to Steve Goodman;s music for years. It gives me comfort, laughter, and a dose of common sense. There are many serial writers who follow a format for song after song. Steve had a great talent at letting hid feelings come through each song his way! I've turned my youngest son on to him, and He too is enjoying the unique wit that was Steve's alone. As the years pass I'll continue to be soothed by his talent.

On Fri. Apr 9, 1999 2:38:41 EDT
DAVE WOPPERER (dave@thermalfoams.com) from BUFFALO, NY wrote:


On Wed. Apr 14, 1999 13:20:31 EDT
Cal Burke (callahan_burke@hotmail.com) wrote:

<< On Sun. Jan 24, 1999 18:9:29 EST david
(davedgooch@aol) from fargo wrote: okay SG was
great, and I also didn't get on board until the
train had left the tracks, (like I did with Diana
Washington and Sarha Vaughn ) but what can I do
now, If you know of anyone other than Prine,Buffet
,John Gorka, and Ann Reed, that is carring the
torch high, lighting the way, let me know, I love
to find new music to love.>>

With no disrespect to Stevie, who is still the best
solo performer I was ever lucky enough to see, look
for Mike Rayburn. One of the best 5 guitar players
drawing breath today, and openly cites Steve as a
creative ispiration. Tours CONSTANTLY.

On Fri. Apr 16, 1999 11:24:43 EDT
Brent (lizbrent@msn.com) from St. Louis of course wrote:

I'm a fimmaker doing pre-production on a documentary about the St. Louis Browns. I'm also a Steve Goodman fan and thought I recalled him doing a song called "I've got the St' Louis Browns" Can anyone help me locate the song? Who has the rights to his music?

Thanks, Brent

On Tue. Apr 20, 1999 16:50:33 EDT
Louis Amiotte (l.amiotte@shaklee.com) from San Francisco wrote:

What a find!! In the early 70's I lived in Chicago and had the opportunity to meet Steve and John Prine. I meant them thru some artist friends of mine who knew them both from the Lincoln Ave. bars. a friend had his studio at 45 Lill St. and one day I stopped in and there was Steve and John, visiting with Gib and Roger. For a 20 year old wanna be artist I was quite impressed. And that first meeting has stayed with me over the years, even though I saw both Steve and John perform many times after that.

On Thu. Apr 22, 1999 12:46:26 EDT
T. Crist (crist.31@osu.edu) from OH wrote:

Does anybody have the chords for "Dying cub fan's last request?"

On Fri. Apr 23, 1999 20:35:2 EDT
Dotti Newman (dnewman@mathesongas.com) from Penllyn, Pennsylvania wrote:

I love Steve Goodman....I've been a fan for at least 25 years. I saw him many times in person and even got to talk to him occassionally. My girlfriend, Elaine VanDerHorn and I went to many of his concerts when he was in the Philadelphia area. I was heart broken when he died and even wrote a letter to his wife. I miss him but thank God I still have his music to listen to. I will never forget Steve.

On Sat. Apr 24, 1999 17:36:40 EDT
Al (Brovs12@aol.com) wrote:

I have been a SG fan for many many years, and was thrilled to attend the tribute concert last fall. Now that I live in Chicago, I would like to put some flowers on his grave. Does anyone know where he was interred? I am assuming it was in Chicago, perhaps with his father. PLease let me know. Thanks!

On Sun. Apr 25, 1999 2:13:35 EDT
JLF (fahnders@aol.com) from Humble, Texas wrote:

The best acoustic guitar player I ever saw, and I saw a bunch. He was so genuine, so kind to the audience. When he sang "My Old Man", there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

JLF, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Class of 1980.

On Sun. Apr 25, 1999 2:13:56 EDT

On Sun. Apr 25, 1999 20:54:56 EDT
Marlene Rosol (mrosol@ipass.net) from Raleigh, NC wrote:

On this day 20 years ago (April 25, 1979) I saw Steve Goodman in concert for the first time. Although I had been listening to his music for about 5 years, I had never had the opportunity to see him live in concert. What an experience!! It was at The Bottom Line in New York and it turned me into more of a Steve Goodman junkie than I already was. I started looking in every issue of The Village Voice to see when he would be coming back to New York. The next time he came it was almost a year later, at The Other End. After the show I screwed up enough courage to go up to him and talk to him. I had never done that before. I introduced myself and thanked him for his music and all of a sudden he gave me a big hug and started talking to me as if we were old friends!!! I went to every show he ever had in New York and always went back to talk to him and he always remembered me by name!! Asked me how I was and what I was doing!! In 1982 he was supposed to sing at the first memorial concert for Harry Chapin, but he got very sick and was put in Sloan-Kettering. A friend "in the business" took me to the hospital to visit him and he remembered me in spite of his illness and pain. John Prine and Al Bunetta were there too. Steve held my hand and told me he was going to get better, and he did!! The last time I saw Steve was in June of 1983 at The Lone Star Cafe in New York. My friends and I stayed for both shows and it was the most incredible performance I ever saw!! It was Steve Goodman at his best!! I moved to Florida two months after that and never saw him again. I flew to Chicago for the memorial concert and years later when I married my husband, who was also from Chicago, we went to that fine city on our honeymoon and we went to The Earl of Oldtown. Steve Goodman was one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me!! God bless him!!!

On Tue. Apr 27, 1999 0:4:1 EDT
Mike (dino51@aol.com) from St. Paul wrote:

I regret never seeing Steve Goodman live-I never really knew about him until I stumbled across an albumn in the used bin. I was a big Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, John Prine fan then moved to Florida and got heavy into early Buffet-way pre-parrothead hype. When I stumbled out of south Fla. in the early 80s I never really heard about him till after he died. After I heard the one albumn I became addicted and hunted down every record I could find. Literally dozens of songs of his would make me laugh, cry or both. I heard a guy playing Men Who Love Wommen Who Love Men in Key West-later I found out who wrote that cool tune-Steve Goodman-Yellow Coat, Looking For Trouble,Dying Cub Fans Last Request, Banana Republic,I Can't Sleep, and all his great covers-he remains a big influence in my own songwriting-it sounds like he was such a great guy-who knows what more treasures we might have been given had he not died so young-anyway I love his stuff and miss him as much as you can miss someone you never met-I feel like I know him a little through his body of work

On Fri. May 7, 1999 6:19:26 EDT
Anja Metag (euv-6682@ euv-frankfurt-o.de) from Frankfurt/Oder Germany wrote:

Can anybody help me. I need the lyric for "I Got the I don't Know where I'm
going but I'm going nowhere in a Hurry Blues" (Steve Goodman).
It is very important. I need the lyric for a essay.

On Fri. May 7, 1999 6:23:23 EDT
Anja Metag (euv-6682@ euv-frankfurt-o.de) from Frankfurt/Oder Germany wrote:

Can anybody help me. I need the lyric for "I Got the I don't Know where I'm
going but I'm going nowhere in a Hurry Blues" (Steve Goodman).
It is very important. I need the lyric for a essay.

On Fri. May 7, 1999 14:0:16 EDT
Bob Gross (bobgross47@aol.com) from Pittston, Maine wrote:

During the 1967-68 school year at Lake Forest College, I remember seeing a duo of Steve Goodman and another guy playing City of New Orleans on Chicago's educational TV station, Channel 11. It was some sort of a local talent show program. Who was the guy Steve used to play together with in college? Where is he now?

On Tue. May 11, 1999 19:44:46 EDT
steve karras (vonny96@aol.com) from Chicago wrote:

Hey y'all. As a young musician, only 14 when Steve died, I have carnivorously sought out his music andcan only imagine how amazing seeing him might have been.. i've waited tables and have been lucky to serve Michael Smith and Ed Holstein. Ii was appaled at the "corporate-rub" nature of the 97 tribute show where most of the artists (some hadnt even known stevie) played ONLY ONE Goodman song and then played their own material, shamelessly hawking their c.d's that sold in the lobby. It was the WORST tribute to a dead person. Another tribute show, where musicians who knew him, can play HIS songs is definitely in order. There was, however, a n amazing video, replete with interviews and performances. If anyone knows if that is accessible please Email Vonny96@aol.com.....Cheers

On Thu. May 13, 1999 21:48:27 EDT
tjm (blues46@hotmail.com) wrote:

does anyone have the complete lyrics to "would you like to learn to dance?"

email tehm if you can!


On Sat. May 22, 1999 18:54:6 EDT

On Mon. June 7, 1999 18:18:58 EDT
Tom Pickett (pick@netwalk.com) from Columbus, Ohio wrote:

I'm looking for the lyrics and chords to "Talk Backwards". Steve Goodman "Affordable Art". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

On Mon. June 7, 1999 18:19:29 EDT

On Sat. June 12, 1999 21:47:7 EDT
LBrown (LBrown1698@aol.com) from Ohio wrote:

PLEASE, if anyone has a copy of the Austin City Limits show that Steve appeared in e-mail me!

On Tue. June 15, 1999 21:45:25 EDT
Mark Greenman (MGreen2805@aol.com) from Minneapolis wrote:

Goodman fans-

When I was a 13-year-old kid, my sister dragged me to Chicago-Fest. As I played guitar (sort of) she dropped me off at the folk stage where I saw Steve Goodman for the first time (and John Prine). I was blown away, even then.

I am 34 now and still am saddened that I never got the chance to see him perform again.

Do any of you have any rare Goodman recordings?

Please let me know.

Mark Greenman

On Thu. June 24, 1999 13:12:51 EDT
jamie feldman (feldm010@tc.umn.edu) from st. paul mn wrote:

I was blessed enough to see Steve perform at Park West in Chicago not long before he died. It was a joyous celebration. I am happily introducing his music to the folks here in the Twin Cities. If anyone has the lyrics to "Men who love women who love men," please email them to me.

On Fri. June 25, 1999 0:33:4 EDT
nick (nickschmidt@usa.net) from illinois wrote:

Im looking for the guitar chords for "A Dying Cubs Fans Last Request."Have any info, let me know.


On Mon. July 12, 1999 17:13:23 EDT
Toby (blindkat@hotmail.com) from here wrote:

Just testing

On Sat. July 17, 1999 2:47:12 EDT
"D" (lwinmotel@netscape.net) from Decatur, Illinois wrote:

Just a note...

On Sat. July 17, 1999 2:49:7 EDT
"D" (lwinmotel@netscape.net) from Decatur, Illinois wrote:

Just a note... I'd like to learn a little more about Steve's life. What's the best way to go?

On Sat. July 17, 1999 16:45:51 EDT
Mark Durham (Mark@Durham-Building.com) from Varna, Illinois wrote:

Thanks Steve!
For all the great songs.....
You are missed.

On Sat. July 17, 1999 23:43:44 EDT
martin (mnich@home) from athens, ga wrote:

I met Steve in '71 while I was working the bar at
the folk club The Last Resort (rumored to have been
mentioned on John Prine's 2nd LP). I will never forget
this little guy in overalls with that constant
smile. Just recently I acquired Affordable Art
and love the ring of his guitar. I can't remember
what kind of guitar he was playing in '71. Does
anyone know what he might have been playing
during the Affordable Art recordings?


On Wed. July 21, 1999 0:52:50 EDT
Guy (GMarcel@naxs.net) from Abingdon, VA wrote:

can any one help me? I'm looking for sheet music for "WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN TO DANCE"
(Steve Goodman) Kama Rippa Music & Turnpike Tom.

It was performed by Peter Paul and Mary on the album "Such Is Love" If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

On Thu. July 22, 1999 10:8:48 EDT
Michael Rogers (myr@mindspring.com) from Roswell, Georgia wrote:

I would like to find recording of Steve G doing City of New Orleans with all lyrics including those about the different cities in Central Illinois, including Champaign, Mattoon and others beside Kankakee. Any solutions? I grew up in the area and during college remember hearing a recording that had the additional towns in them. From the anthology "no big surprise" I learned he wrote the song on the train to Mattoon, which reinforces my memory. Thanks for any help, lyrics would be good to settle for.

On Sun. July 25, 1999 5:55:57 EDT
chris (c.r.wilson@btinternet.com) from england wrote:

Does anyone have a tape (or CD-R) of Steve doing "Spoon River" acoustically.I have a tape from(I think UK Radio)of Steve playing 5 or 6 songs including this ,but it's a n'th generation copy and as the performance is absolutely spell-binding.I can't have too many versions.Incidentally I was very disapointed to finally hear the "Jesse's Jig's" version-way too fast.I was disappointed to see it missing from "The Easter Tapes" too.
Thanks in advance
ChrisWilson(the other one!)

On Sun. July 25, 1999 22:32:48 EDT
Martin B. Findley (mbfmp@hotmail.com) from Mt. Pleasant , SC wrote:

I saw a special on Steve years ago. One song that he sang has stuck in my head, and I don't know the name of it, or where to find it. It was a crazy song, and the lyrics went something like this:
There are men who love women who love men.
There are women who love women every now and then.
There are even men who love men who cannot pretend that they are men who love women who love men!

Somebody please let me know about this song!

On Mon. July 26, 1999 16:35:57 EDT

On Sun. Aug 1, 1999 11:18:32 EDT
Dj (decoys345@aol.com) from texas wrote:

does anyone have the complete lyrics for "men who love women who love men"?

On Sat. Aug 7, 1999 10:59:24 EDT
Bert (bert.lewis@ns.sympatico.ca) from Nova Scotia wrote:

Great site! Does anyone have the words and chords for "My Old Man" I heard it on an old Austin City Limits years ago.

On Thu. Aug 12, 1999 0:41:7 EDT
Paul (SDiegoPaul@aol.com) from San Diego wrote:

I first saw Steve Goodman in the gym at the State University of NY at Stony Brook in 1977. He performed with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Loudon Wainwright. I've listened to him ever since. I just picked up the 1999 Buddha rerelease of his first album and have enjoyed it thoroughly. My favorite song is "The Dutchman" and my favorite album is "The Easter Tapes" I'm glad to be part of the Scrapbook.

On Sun. Aug 29, 1999 1:35:29 EDT
Crystal Adami (crys86@hotmail.com) from Pennsylvania wrote:

I'm fortunate to have seen Steve with Dr. John on the Riverboat Mississippi Queen in New Orleans in 1984.He was so fine.I'm so glad I saw him when I did.It must have been one of his last concerts.

On Wed. Sept 8, 1999 16:34:26 EDT
jefe (hef_eh@mailcity.com) from Chicago wrote:

I'm not an old man, born in the early 70's, around the time many of you all were out listening to Steve live. I really envy everyone who had that chance.
One of the first songs I ever learned to play was "City of New Orleans". I actually learned it from an old record my dad had that skipped right at the line "this train's got the <> blues." I sang that song for the better part of a year before I got around to getting the "disappearing railroad" section added.
I've been playing music now for more than a decade and a half. Steve's music is always a joy and an inspiration. Lord how I wish I could play the guitar like that man! He could just let his fingers dance around the fretboard. I swear you can hear him smiling.

Well, just recently I fell into a love affair with one of my best friends who is also a musician, and a huge Steve Goodman fan.
During the last of her visits, we had a wonderful weekend of music and talk. One afternoon, much to both our surprise, we made love, during which she whispered, "Your concave and I'm convex...".
We laughed and I chimed in as we sang the rest of "The Wonderful World of Sex" together.
From what I've learned about Steve, (and Mike Smith) he must have gotten a chuckle from that.

On Tue. Sept 14, 1999 20:43:22 EDT
Sara (sedean@syr.edu) from Syracuse, NY wrote:

DHAs anyone ever heard a concert by Goodman from 1977 - the Earl of Old Town? It is absolutely excellent, and has been in my family since '77. I'm 18 years old, and I can recite it. He sings a beautiful version of Goodnight, Irene with Bette Midler for the encore. Has anyone ever heard of it? Or is my family the only one?

On Thu. Sept 16, 1999 19:50:56 EDT
Micahel (mcteagues@erols.com) from Lutherville,MD wrote:

I, like so many others am in search for chords, tabs and words for any and all of available Goodman songs.

On Thu. Sept 23, 1999 13:47:52 EDT
Shaun Kelly (slkelly@gcds.pvt.k12.ct.us) from Greenwich, Connecticut wrote:

I heard Steve play one time live. In July of 1979, he played at the Newport Jazz and Pop Festival at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island. I drove down from my home in Cambridge and arrived at the festival, realizing that the stage and the thousands in the audience were situated no more than a hundred yards from the ocean. Of course, Steve had to play every ocean and sailing song he knew, even "Calipso," by John Denver! He ended his early evening performance by playing "Somebody Else's Troubles." When he broke not one - but two strings during the playing of that classic song - he stopped and said, "Now what song can I perform with only three strings?" He then immediately broke into Johnny Rivers' old ballad, "Mountain of Love." Everyone in the audience began to fiercely clap as Steve belted out the oldies' number. He then introduced Gordon Lightfoot andjoined him by backing up the legendary Canadian folkie in his epic song, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." As Steve and Gordon Lightfoot began to play the first chords of that haunting song, the fog began to roll in from the ocean. Unforgettable.

On Tue. Sept 28, 1999 4:7:35 EDT
Gary (ILRoute66@yahoo.com) from TX (originally Central IL) wrote:

I have to tell you all, finding this website made my entire month! I first became a fan of Steve's music in '79 at Illinois State University. That is where I first saw both Steve and John Prine perform, and Steve's concert remains my favorite of all time to this date. Steve Goodman is the reason I took up the guitar. He was a tremendous influence in my life. I miss his voice, his smile, and all of the music that might have been.

On Wed. Sept 29, 1999 13:46:6 EDT
Rich Watman (rwatman@juno.com) from Philadelphia, PA wrote:

At the Philadelphia Folk Festival, this past August, a guy came into the office trailer where I was working. He said he was writing a book about Steve and wanted to talk to some of the old timers about their memories.
We told him to talk to John Prine who was performing there that weekend. He said he was scheduling a whole separate day for that. I don't remember the fellow's name or where he was from. Anybody have any info on this book?
I can't wait to see it! Maybe Steve will finally get some of the recognition he deserves.

On Wed. Sept 29, 1999 13:50:41 EDT
doc gaskill (goldpan429@hotmail.com) from rapid city south dakota wrote:

i remember the 70s and 80s,the music was different ,more pure of thought, kinder with all the energy allowed by nature permeating each one with truth and good feelings ,his spirit lives on in me .ican relate and identify cuz the stuff was so close to home .and i miss it

On Wed. Oct 6, 1999 15:17:51 EDT

On Wed. Oct 6, 1999 15:19:54 EDT

On Thu. Oct 7, 1999 17:42:37 EDT
Chuck Koch (chuck@mcmutual.com) from Philadelphia, PA wrote:

Does anyone have the lyrics to “Would You Like to Learn to Dance?”

If so, could you forward them to me? I’d really appreciate it.


On Wed. Oct 13, 1999 7:24:18 EDT
Brian Nickerson (brian@comfacs.com) from Worcester, MA wrote:

Somehow, somewhere I came across Steve's music in the mid 70s. His show on Austin City Limits in the late 1970s was one of the best ever. The day after he died, I was sailing with friends off the north shore of Boston. They had never heard Steve. One of the public radio stations in Boston played Steve's songs all afternoon, non-stop. My friends were amazed that they had never heard of someone important enough to have a radio station devfote a whole afternoon to his music.

On Wed. Oct 13, 1999 8:16:2 EDT
Mo Tranen (tranen@home.com) from Maryland wrote:

Saw John Prine in concert twice last week. Aside from being a lifelong Prine fan, I think I'm attracted because he's one of the last real links to Steve. Both nights he did "Souvenirs" and dedicated to Steve. Great shows by the way. For those of you who may be unaware, John has had a bout with neck cancer, but it's in remission, and he seemes to be doing damn well.
Listened to Unfinished Business on the way into work today...Steve's music has always been a great way to start a day. Only downside is that if I pay too much attention, I get choked up thinking about Steve and Jethro. Funny how after all these years.....
By the way...who is that guitarist on Millie Make Some Chili? Very tasty licks.
Mo in MD

On Wed. Oct 13, 1999 8:32:2 EDT
Mo Tranen (tranen@home.com) from Maryland wrote:

Saw John Prine in concert twice last week. Aside from being a lifelong Prine fan, I think I'm attracted because he's one of the last real links to Steve. Both nights he did "Souvenirs" and dedicated to Steve. Great shows by the way. For those of you who may be unaware, John has had a bout with neck cancer, but it's in remission, and he seemes to be doing damn well.
Listened to Unfinished Business on the way into work today...Steve's music has always been a great way to start a day. Only downside is that if I pay too much attention, I get choked up thinking about Steve and Jethro. Funny how after all these years.....
By the way...who is that guitarist on Millie Make Some Chili? Very tasty licks.
Mo in MD

On Thu. Oct 14, 1999 4:11:52 EDT
Frank Thomas (boyoboy_59@yahoo.com) from Orlando wrote:

We miss you Steve...I still can't listen to "Would you like to learn to Dance?" without crying. Or "Yellow Coat" for that matter. I love the way his smile shows in his voice. I made a pretty good living in the 70's and 80's singing GOodman, Buffett, Prine and Guy Clark Covers, and I sure do miss those days. Now I have to work for a living, but I can still be found on my couch daily singing along with Stevie, grinning like an idiot and crying like a baby...Do folks keep eating 'possum 'til they can't eat no more?...

On Thu. Oct 21, 1999 11:43:10 EDT
John Phillips (jcphil@primenet.com) from Arizona wrote:

I was wondering if someone could help me out.
Does anyone have access to Steve's song, the 20th Century's Almost Over? (Co-written with Prine)
Everything I own is in storage right now and I don't have access to my CDs.
I'm suppossed to play that song next week and I need to know the correct sequence of verses and choruses.
I have the words from this site. I think there are 3 choruses, 1 after the first verse, 1 after the longer 2nd verse that starts with "Great Depression and ends with "burglur alarm" and the third after the last verse that starts with "Father Time"

I would appreciate it if someone could email me and let me know if I have the order correct.

On Thu. Oct 21, 1999 14:21:2 EDT
Shaun Kelly (slkelly@gcds.pvt.k12.ct.us) from Greenwich, Connecticut wrote:

I was reorganizing my musical collection last week, separating the discs from the tapes from the cd's. I stumbled upon an old, beat-up copy of "The Essential Steve Goodman." When I opened the double-sided jacket, out tumbled a weathered copy of a most moving tribute to Steve written by a Boston Globe reporter five days after his death. Here is the article in full:


By Jeff McLaughlin
The Boston Globe
Monday, September 24, 1984

"We all do whatever we do - including just walking down the street - with the idea that living is a gift," said Steve Goodman in a Globe interview last year. "And what happens when the gift is gone is none of my business."
The gift is gone for him now - but the gifts he gave the world will most certainly live on. Goodman, one of the most talented and beloved songwriters of his generation, died last Thursday in a Seattle hospital. He was just 36; the disease was diagnosed in 1969, a few months before he turned 21, a year before he wrote his most famous song, "The City of New Orleans," three years before Arlo Guthrie made his hit recording and turned the song into an American classic, and 13 years before most of his fans learned he had lived with chemotherapy all his adult life.
Goodman died one day before his latest album, "Santa Ana Winds," was shipped to record stores. He had been dropped by both Buddah and Elektra/Asylum records after making seven albums because he never developed pop-star sales totals, but he wasn't bitter. He just formed his own company, Red Pajama Records, and the first album for his label showed him standing, grinning, nearly bald, in front of a San Francisco barbershop called Artistic Hair. Leukemia treatments had taken his hair but not his self-deprecating humor or his exquisite sense of the absurd. During his last visit to Boston in 1983, his audience, obviously disturbed by seeing his gaunt face and his bald head, laughed uproariously when he introduced himself as the President of Red Pajama Records: "I am not only the president," he grinned, "but I am also a client." The take-off to the Hair Club for Men commercials got the response Goodman wanted. For the rest of the concert, his audience was at ease.
“I think he just got up every morning and thumbed his nose at death,” said Rae Anne Donlin, co-proprietor with her husband, Bob, of Passim, the legendary Cambridge folk music club that he seen such artists as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and Harry Chapin perform at the intimate coffee house. “He just loved to play for people. Every time he got on stage, there was a glint in his eye, as if he were saying to the audience, ‘I’m gonna get you,’ and he always did. The love of music just poured out of him.”
The Donlins’ first booked Goodman in February 1972 and he played for them for several years – even after his growing popularity led to much more lucrative offers from venues with ten times Passim’s capacity. “He remembered us; he wanted to help us in our struggles,” Rae Anne Donlin commented. Goodman would bunk at the Donlins’ house in those early days of his career when he couldn’t afford so much as a cheap motel. “Even those of us who knew he had a serious health problem were somewhat in the dark,” she whispered. “He never wanted anyone to be sentimental about him – the only clue was, he’d say that all he wanted out of his career was enough money to take care of his family. His family always came first.”
Goodman succeeded, even without ever having a hit record of his own. His wife, Nancy, and three young daughters will be provided for by the royalties from “The City of New Orleans,” and such classics as “My Old Man,” “The Twentieth Century’s Almost Over,” “Men Who Love Women Who Love Men,” “Would You Like to Learn to Dance,”“You Never Even Call Be By My Name” (written with John Prine, and a David Allan Coe hit), “Banana Republics” (made famous by Jimmy Buffett), and his recent gem about nuclear arms, “Watching Joey Glow,” which is on its way to becoming a staple at disarmament rallies. In addition to Buffett, Prine, and Coe, his songs have been recorded by Judy Collins, Johnny Cash, Joan Baez, John Denver, and Kenny Rogers. This year, Willie Nelson made “The City of New Orleans” the title cut of his latest album and it’s now high on the Billboard charts.
Commenting from his home in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Arlo Guthrie reflected on his old friend. “When I heard that Steve had died, I had to decide of I was going to be sad or remain adamant about celebrating his life as a more compelling tribute. It wasn’t a hard choice – if Steve wanted anything, he wanted his joyous spirit to be kept alive in us all.”
Guthrie and Goodman had planned a national tour this fall. They had played together – but had never toured before. “He came out here to help me with a benefit concert in Worthington, in Berkshire County, in ’75 or ’76.” Guthrie said. “We raised lots of money for a clinic that day, but what I remember most is how he won over 15,000 people with his warmth of his personality and the joyousness of his writing.”
Goodman knew his latest hospitalization might be his last. “He just called me up a few weeks ago, just before he went into the hospital,” Guthrie said. “We kidded back and forth over the years because it’s made out that I live under the shadow of death too.” Guthrie may have inherited from his father, Woody Guthrie, the fatal disorder called Huntington’s Chorea. “We each believed in just keeping on keeping on. But this one had him scared. ‘I might not get out this time, Arlo,’ he said, ‘and I’d like to say goodbye while I can. Keep on singing.’”
As a live performer, Goodman was a brilliant, charismatic musician. He came out of the club scene – Kris Kristofferson “discovered” him in the Quiet Knight in Goodman’s native Chicago, and Goodman characteristically insisted that Kristofferson go with him down the street to hear another unknown, “better than me,” and thus was John Prine discovered. Goodman bought Guthrie an after-hours beer in Chicago’s Poor Richard’s club one evening in 1970 so he could play “The City of New Orleans” for him for the first time.
He was the finest kind of club performer – a brilliant ad-libber who could dissolve the barrier between stage and audience with a line; a mature musician who retained a child’s wonder at music – and he seemingly could turn any hall into an intimate club. His last Boston-area performances were at Symphony Hall as part of Tom Rush’s annual holiday concerts during Christmas week when he had a delightful time teaching a somewhat startled Jennifer Warnes how to boogie on stage without losing dignity, and at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge, opening for David Bromberg last February. Kari Estrin, who produced that sold-out show, already legendary, recalled, “He just wouldn’t let anyone feel bad about him, even though the chemotherapy had taken his hair and that once-plump face was now hollow. He could bring a smile to anyone’s face, and that’s what he loved more than anything.”
WCAS in Cambridge played Goodman’s seven albums in their entirety on Friday – a stunning tribute that no artist since John Lennon’s untimely death had been afforded on the station. There were so many requests that the local folk station repeated their prolonged tribute over the weekend. “Steve loved Boston – the Old World feeling, the dynamic history, the college students who filled the club doors,” stated Rae Anne Donlin. “Steve realized that Boston has three passions which he shared – music, politics, and baseball.” In tribute to Goodman, the lights in the various clubs he had played in over the years in the Boston area were dimmed in tribute Friday night for two minutes.
Goodman may have loved one thing more than music: baseball, and particularly, the forlorn Chicago Cubs. After the Sanders concert, he was delighted to talk about the Cubs’ chances for the ’84 season (“Forty years of saying ‘This is it,” but ‘this is it!”), and about the Cubs beautiful Wrigley Field. Discovering an arts’ writer was an avid Red Sox fan, he gushed, “Baseball is only really baseball when it’s played in a great park – and Fenway and Wrigley are the two greatest. And of course,” he commented, “the Cubbies and the Sox seem to share a common heritage now, don’t they!” One of his most requested songs was “A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request,” and, in a small but deeply poignant irony, Goodman died before his Cubs could win what would be their first pennant in 39 years.
But in the words of that song, Steve Goodman remained cheery: “I’ve got season’s tickets to watch the Angels now.”
Rest in peace, Steve.

On Tue. Oct 26, 1999 15:50:31 EDT

On Sun. Oct 31, 1999 0:9:34 EDT
Pat Coffey (Patman4980@Yahoo.com) from Mendota Il wrote:

Why is it that after consuming too much hops and barley I gravitate to this site. Because its a warm and fuzzy place. A place where I can think back on memory's. And read up on other memory's of people whose life's were not so much changed but just blessed for a few monents by Steve. We all have our special songs or lines within those songs. Depends of the mood,"Turnpike Tom" when your on the road. _"Penny Evans" when you just want to think about how things could have been-Thanks LBJ and Tricky Dick for wasting 50k of our friends. "Yellow coat" when we think about the one that got away. But the song that puts life into perspective is "Souvenirs" Enjoy each and every sunrise, give you wife and kids a big hug each day. "For it took me years to get these souvenirs, and I don't know how they slipped away from me." Steve, have a beer with the angels, and put the tab on me....................Later

On Sat. Nov 6, 1999 15:34:46 EST
Linda from Boston wrote:

The 20th Century is Almost Over and I've been trying to get my local folk radio station to play the song!! The college age djs are like...Steve who??... I feel like I want to hear the whole world singing it by the end of the year and there is less than 60 days left!! Everyone should call their local radio stations and ask for it!! I feel like that's what he was hoping would happen when he wrote it! Anyway...maybe not... but wouldn't it be cool if it happened.

On Sun. Nov 14, 1999 22:27:7 EST
Mark Baum (mbaum@dnai.com) from San Francisco wrote:

Has a Steve Goodman songbook ever been published? I'm looking for lead sheets for "The Nowhere In A Hurry Blues", "Lookin For Trouble", "Would You Like To Learn To Dance?", and "What Have You Done For Me Lately?".

On Sat. Nov 20, 1999 22:13:10 EST
Pat Coffey (Patman4980@Yahoo.com) from Mendota Il. wrote:

If anybody is looking for a good time GET a copy of the Easter tapes. It is some damn fine music. Wait til you hear Splish-Splash....what a hoot!

On Tue. Nov 23, 1999 19:51:3 EST
Steve Meyers (stephenbullhead@aol.com) from formerly Minneapolis, now Oklahoma wrote:

Am listening to Steve's Unfinished Business CD right now.......I am looking forward to playing Steve's "The 20th Century...." song just before midnight, yr 2000.......I say Steve several times in Minnesota....the last time was with Emmy Lou Harris and the Buck White Band.......I first fell in love with Steve's music when I first Somebody Else's Troubles......have never looked back.....MISS YA STEVE

On Tue. Nov 23, 1999 21:0:42 EST
Steve Meyers (stephenbullhead@aol.com) from Oklahoma cith wrote:

I saw Steve in concert three times......and he was consumately organized and in sync...UNTIL the last time I attented his concert.......It was unfortunate........The Buck White Band led off the set.......they were great!......then came Steve on the stage.....He was the Steve that I had seen before and remembered......but something went wrong........there was a buzzzzzzzz coming fom an amp.....and Steve was very distracted throughout the set.......(I knew that Steve was a consumate professional about his music)....he was really upset.........BUT LIKE A PROFESSIONAL, HE FINISHED HIS SET........I Miss Steve Goodman......

On Wed. Nov 24, 1999 12:0:58 EST
Charles Dane (cdane@slurrypavers.com) from Richmond VA wrote:

I have the words to A dying cub fan's last request, but not the chords. Would love for someone to send them to me if you have them.

On Sat. Nov 27, 1999 11:54:25 EST
Doc George (Doc_George@operamail.com) from Nyack, NY wrote:

Dear People:

I heard a Steve Goodman song in the mid-eighties
about a bunch of guys who rob a train successfully
but are ratted out by one of the gang. I only
heard this song once, but I would like to locate
it and the album it is on. Can anyone I.D. it for
me? Thanks.

Doc George

On Sat. Nov 27, 1999 11:54:58 EST
Doc George (Doc_George@operamail.com) from Nyack, NY wrote:

Dear People:

I heard a Steve Goodman song in the mid-eighties
about a bunch of guys who rob a train successfully
but are ratted out by one of the gang. I only
heard this song once, but I would like to locate
it and the album it is on. Can anyone I.D. it for
me? Thanks.

Doc George

On Sun. Nov 28, 1999 18:21:37 EST
Dennis Zimmerman (woodybob61@aol.com) from Woodland Hills, Calif. wrote:

I need help from a longtime Steve fan. I'm trying to find details on the Steve Goodman benefit held Nov. 3, 1984, at Irvine Meadows, shortly after Steve's death. If anyone was there or knows about it, please e-mail me: woodybob61@aol.com. I'd love to get setlists, but even an accurate list of who performed would be welcome. It was a great show, but the years have erased much of it from my memory. I know, it's only been 15 years. But my head has been pretty cluttered with advertising and the inescapable MTV-like images that are everywhere, shoving aside the pleasant stuff. That's why I think I might just need some help bringing those good old concert memories back to life. Thanks

On Thu. Dec 2, 1999 11:42:8 EST
Paul Walsh (pwalsh@startribune.com) wrote:

Greetings, Goodman fans. I'm a reporter doing a story on the song the 20th Century is Almost Over. Anyone hearing it out there? If you've heard it get airtime or are outraged that it hasn't, email me or call me at 800-328-4674. Thank you.

On Sat. Dec 4, 1999 11:27:19 EST
J. Doc (docmus@aolo.com) from NY wrote:

I am looking for the words and music for a song, the title of which I believe is "Warm and Free". I saw Steve Goodman perform this song a number of times but have never come across a recorded version.

On Sat. Dec 4, 1999 23:40:0 EST
Dan Reilly (dareilly@cetlink.net) from usa wrote:

I saw Steve at Harry Hope's a long time back in Cary Illinois. He played with Jethro. Magic. Anyway he played a song that night I have pursued since. It was about "That old gang of mine". Not the popular song of the thirties, but something different. He sang about a group of friends that met under a street light when they were young to do what young people do. Then war came. The song writer goes to war with his friends. "We were the first to hit the Hindenburg line, that good old gang of mine'.
There was a hush over the audience that night. Very moving. What is that song and where can I get the lyrics? Not "That old gang of mine" song by some barbershop group -- the one Steve sang back in oh, must have been '73. Help. He mentioned some family that sang.

On Sun. Dec 5, 1999 1:6:9 EST
dan brewer (spiderdrecords@webtv.net) from gardena ca. wrote:

responding to woodybob. .I was at the Irvine show and i still have an audience tape I think. I remember Emmylou sang Souviners with John Prine and how sad it was in this context. I will look for the tape and email the set & song list. I hope you will contact me if you see this. I will try to email you direct if you still exist.

On Sun. Dec 5, 1999 1:7:10 EST
dan brewer (spiderdrecords@webtv.net) from gardena ca. wrote:

responding to woodybob. .I was at the Irvine show
and i still have an audience tape I think. I
remember Emmylou sang Souviners with John Prine
and how sad it was in this context. I will look
for the tape and email the set & song list. I hope
you will contact me if you see this. I will try to
email you direct if you still exist.

On Wed. Dec 8, 1999 12:34:39 EST
Phil Klemmer (klemmer@earthlink.net) wrote:

Hey anyone,

I'm trying to trackdown a Christmas present. Are there any videos of Steve Goodman circulating?

On Thu. Dec 9, 1999 12:52:43 EST
Paul Walsh (pwalsh@startribune.com) from Minneapolis wrote:

Repeating my earlier request: i'm writing an article for the star tribune in minneapolis on The 20th Century is Almost Over. Please send me a brief yes or no on whether you are hearing it in your area. I'd like to be as accurate as possible about my suspicion that the song is getting little or no airplay. it is in a mercedes commercial that is in limited markets. thanks for your help. email me or call me at 800-328-4674, extension 4482. thanks.

On Mon. Dec 13, 1999 18:16:44 EST
Pat Coffey (Patman4980@Yahoo.com) from Cornfield county wrote:

If anyone is needing to update or fill any
voids in their record collection check out E-bay.
On occasion one can find a decent price for a
Goodman record. But again you might get into a pissing
contest with another fanatic.Het Steve, the 20th century is
almost over-and the Cubs are still in last place.

On Sat. Dec 18, 1999 19:1:38 EST
steve meyers (stephenbullhead@aol.com) from oklahoma city...frmly from st paul, mn wrote:


On Thu. Dec 23, 1999 23:4:10 EST
Bonzo (The flying circus) from In the land of the wind chill factor wrote:

Happy Holidays Steve, and by the by,
the twentith century is almost over.
Hey your ole buddy John played at the
Old Town School of folk last month.
The yuppies bought out the place.
Tickets were a buck twentyfive each.
I don't think that Jethro would approve.
Have a beer with the angels and spring
training is only two months away. And the
Cubs are still in last.

On Fri. Dec 24, 1999 2:16:29 EST

On Mon. Dec 27, 1999 18:11:6 EST
paul walsh (pwalsh@startribune.com) from minneapolis, minn. wrote:

i encourage you to go to http://www.startribune.com/variety. you'll find a lengthy feature on steve's "The 20th Century is Almost Over" that i wrote. you'll see the full lyrics and the mercedes ad that is using the song. thanks to all of you who corresponded with me about the song. i'd love to get feedback from goodman fans on the article. linda in boston, your the lead! i wish i knew who you were. also, judy in okla. and craig in wis are mentioned. happy new year's wishes to everyone, and don't forget to keep an eye in the rear-view mirror.

On Wed. Dec 29, 1999 15:11:24 EST
Jeff Eason (eason@mountaintimes.com) from Boone, NC wrote:

Hey to All,
Am I the only person out there who has ambivalent feelings about Mercedes-Benz using Steve Goodman's voice and song for an advertisement? I mean, I'd be very surprised to learn that Goodman ever owned a Mercedes or even drove one in his all-too-brief stint here on Earth. According to writer Paul Walsh, the rights to the song were sold to Mercedes by Bunetta Management, co-songwriter John Prine, and Goodman's wife Nancy Tenney. I guess the main problem I have with all of this is that I can't imagine Goodman selling out one of his songs in such a way had he lived--and Prine is certainly not heard on any commercials that I know of. It is the same feeling I got the first time I heard the late great Nick Drake's song "Pink Moon" on that Volkswagen television ad. The song was the title track to his last--and most heartbreaking--album before he died of an overdose of prescription anti-depressants in 1974. Don't get me wrong, they are both terrific ads. And if they get a handful of young listeners to turn on to the music of Steve Goodman and Nick Drake--well that's a bonus. I just wonder where this posthumous selling of a person's art in the name of commerce will lead... Any clues or thoughts out there?

On Wed. Dec 29, 1999 17:42:27 EST
Trout-Boy (dakay@jtsa.edu) from Jerusalem (yes, THAT one) wrote:

Well, the 20th Century IS almost over, I'm here in Jerusalem, where every lunatic on the planet is gathering. It's a tremendous comfort to find this site and to see that Steve Goodman's music and legacy is going on to another generation.

I saw Steve live many times before he moved west, but my most cherished memory is a personal appearance at a record store in Morton Grove, Illinois. Steve borrowed a guitar from the Old Town School, and sat down to play a short set. Somebody asked for "The Dutchman" and Steve said, "I'd love to play it, but I don't have a capo." It just so happened that I had one in my pocket. Today, that capo is reserved ONLY for when I play "The Dutchman."

Another great thing about Steve Goodman not mentioned on this board: improvised songs for the place he was playing at or when he broke a string.

On Wed. Dec 29, 1999 17:43:1 EST
Trout-Boy (dakay@jtsa.edu) from Jerusalem (yes, THAT one) wrote:

Well, the 20th Century IS almost over, I'm here in Jerusalem, where every lunatic on the planet is gathering. It's a tremendous comfort to find this site and to see that Steve Goodman's music and legacy is going on to another generation.

I saw Steve live many times before he moved west, but my most cherished memory is a personal appearance at a record store in Morton Grove, Illinois. Steve borrowed a guitar from the Old Town School, and sat down to play a short set. Somebody asked for "The Dutchman" and Steve said, "I'd love to play it, but I don't have a capo." It just so happened that I had one in my pocket. Today, that capo is reserved ONLY for when I play "The Dutchman."

Another great thing about Steve Goodman not mentioned on this board: improvised songs for the place he was playing at or when he broke a string.

On Thu. Dec 30, 1999 14:5:37 EST
Jesse Goodman (jessg@nais.com) from Nyc.,N.Y. wrote:

Happy Holiday's and seasons greetings to everyone out there. I aslo wanted to say thanks to everyone for the wonderful emails that I have received over the past few months. I really appreciate them. I am forever greatful for the love and devotion of my father's fans. By the way has anyone seen the latest commerical? What do you think? I was amused. Feel free to email me at the below address and thanks again. I don't always have time to read the board but I do read email on a regular basis. If there is anyone of you in the New York area please let me know. My thanks again and Happy New Year. I persoanly will be spending it inside with the animals and my other half. Love Jess

On Thu. Dec 30, 1999 14:22:44 EST
Jesse Goodman (jessg@nais.com) from Nyc. N.Y. wrote:

Hi everyone and holiday greetings . I read soem of the recent additions to the bulletin board and I have some answers about the mercadres commerical. Yes we did own one in a 240D that was pumkin orange . It has been dubbed the flying pumpkin by one of my mom's friends. I happen to like the commerical and do not see it as selling out. A cigarette commerical ,now that would be selling out. Thanks for all of the lovely emails and continuing support of my Dad's music. Feel freee to email me if you like.

On Thu. Dec 30, 1999 22:8:2 EST
Pat Coffey (Patman4980@Yahoo.com) from The flatlands of Illinois wrote:

To Jeff in NC and the rest of us tring to figure out just how the hell we ever got here.
I think that Steve would be both pissed and amused that the same outfit that helped support the biggest disaster of the 20th century(WW2) would be using a song that a very talented jewish songwriter from Chicago made popular.
But all things must pass, hopefully the bastards has to pay throught the nose on the royalities. hey Steve you should see this place. Everybody is freaking out....cuz "The 20th century is almost over" according to these nummericlly challanged people. actually it is over on Dec. 31, 2000.
Talk to then.................................Later

On Sat. Jan 1, 19100 11:57:21 EST
Stephen Meyers (Stephenbullhead@aol.com) from Oklahoma City...(frmly from St.Paul) wrote:

.....Did anyone get stuck in the revolving doors.....? Well, WEll,.....now we begin a new hundred years and It seems that nothing has changed much since yesterday. The puters are still functional, the answering machines are still a pain in the butt, and this hotel room's got a lot of stuff.......but I haven't tried to play my life back on Video Tape as of yet......
To all you Steve Goodman fans out there....God Bless Ya and keep the chili HOT HOT HOT!