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Vin Scelsa & Steve Goodman

From left to David Amram, Vin Scelsa, Stevie.
Photo courtesy, Vin Sclesa's Wall of Fame Used with Permission.
Among Goodman Fans, Vin Scelsa is best known as the man who had the "baked tapes". Vin Scelsa is a long time Disc Jockey from New York City and was a good friend of Steve's. During the Mid-Seventies, Vin invited Stevie on his show for four years in a row to do an Easter Day Special.

At first the show was done on Easter Sunday and broadcast live. Later the show was pre-recorded a few days before Easter in front of a small audience and then Rebroadcast "live" on Easter Sunday. Many years later, Vin found the tapes in a box in his garage but the tapes were in bad shape and basically useless. Useless, that is until someone remembered a process in which old tapes could be "baked" in a an oven and then with luck the sound could be transfered to a new tape.

This procedure was used to make available commerically what for years had only existed on old bootleg cassettes. The outcome of the old baked tapes was the CD "The Easter Tapes" which privides a rare glimpse of Steve Goodman as a live entertainer.

To find out more about Vin Scelsa check out his web page or visit WNEW.