Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

Steve Goodman

{D} Friends are always   {D#dim7} telling me that  {Em7} I'm old  


{D} Out of date and  {D#dim7} born to late  {Em7} to ever catch  {A7} on

{D} But, maybe  {D7} that's because they  {Gmaj7} can't imagine,

The  {Bm7} love of an  {E7} old fashioned  {A7sus} girl. {A7}

{D} When they  {D#dim7} tell you don't  {Em7} have a leg to {A7} dance on

{D} She's the {D#dim7} one that you can {Em7} take a  {A7} chance on.

{D} The one who knows the {D7} difference between

{Gmaj7} Promises and  {C9} passion  {Em7} is my {A7} old fashioned  {D} 

girl.  {C9} {C#9}


{D9} These days it's {Am7} smart to {D9} hide your heart

{G} Behind some painted smile.

{Gm7} But have no {C7} fear, I will {Bm7} still be  {E7} here

When  {Em7} love comes  {Bb7} back in  {A7sus} style. {A7}

Maybe it's the way she let's me think I caught her

When I'm without her I'm a fish out of water

And maybe someday our daughter

Will be an old fashioned girl.


So, go ahead and tell me I'm old fashioned

I know one thing you can bet your cash on

Love that's built to last and can't be rationed

Between an old fashioned boy and girl.