Woman Going Crazy on Caroline Street

@SONG: Woman Goin' Crazy On Caroline Street

Woman Goin' Crazy On Caroline Street

By: Jimmy Buffett, Steve Goodman




     There's a woman goin' crazy on Caroline Street


     Stoppin' every man that she does meet


     Sayin' if you'll be gentle if you'll be sweet

                                   Am   G 

     I'll show you my place on Caroline Street

    G                 D             C 

She claimed in a loud voice to be a dancer

    G                   D            C

But I don't think she's cut a rug in years

G              D               C

Listens to the jukebox for her answers

 G             D                C

Slowly guzzles twenty-five cent beers

Talks about the men she's known and then some

She's seen them in her dreams and on the street

She slides her dapper legs from beneath the table

As if to reveal some kind of treat

(Repeat chorus)

Her lover left her stranded in Jamaica

Just right now she can't recall his name

Perceiving she's the center of attention

And all the lurking eyes they look the same

Weather's got the shrimpers in a frenzy

They're horny and don't need a good excuse

Someone yells and things just start erupting

And in a flash all hell has broken loose

(Repeat chorus)

(guitar solo)

When I woke up and looked around the barroom

She was gone and I was black and blue

So be careful when you go to swing your partner

Someone just might take a swing at you

(Repeat chorus twice and fade)