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Quotable Quotes

Goodman on the Chicago Cubs...
"If the Cubs were to win [The World Series] it would be a cornary event for me."

Steve on the Mandolin...
"The Mandolin is the bottom four strings of the guitar, a person with dyslexia has no problem learning to play the Mandolin... Why Johnny Can't Play the Mandolin"

Steve on his old man
"My father's middle name was Bayer. I asked my grandmother why she named him that, she said she had her reasons."

Steve on just about any of his concerts
Yeah, we're organized!
Steve on Dick Clark
"Dick Clark is Sincere...Sincerely wealthy. I had a dream about him...Just one Dream. I had a dream I was on his show and had to lip sync [City of New Orleans] . When I was done they rated the song. The kid gave it a fifty. He said it had a good beat and you could dance to it but he didn't know what a train was."