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Santa Ana Winds

  1. Face On The Cutting Room Floor
  2. Telehone Answering Tape
  3. The One That Got Away
  4. Queen Of The Road
  5. Fourteen Days
  6. Hot Tub Refugee
  7. I Just Keep Falling In Love
  8. The Big Rock Candy Mountain
  9. Santa Ana Winds
  10. You Better Get It While You Can
    (The Ballad Of Carl Martin)
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Face On The Cutting Room Floor

Steve Goodman, Jimmy lbbotson, Jeff Hanna Big Ears Music,lnc./ Red Pajamas Music,lnc (ASCAP) (Good morning Jim and Jeff.) Every day, hundreds of young women from around the world come to the Los Angeles area to become famous. The girl in this song lives to talk about it. Special thanks to Kris Kristofferson, one of the greatest people in the world, She is history, No one will give her a star on the walk, She'd have a hundred if pillows could talk, Where have I seen her before? She's the face on the cutting room floor. Life's no mystery, Acting in school at the tenderest age, Lit up the room when she walked on the stage, Came to L.A. for some more, Little face on the cutting room floor. And she had visions of contracts And thousands of people in line. . . to see her. Knockin' on door after door after all of this time, She's not sure. Up in Hollywood, Signed with an agent she met in a bar, Laughed when he told her he'd make her a star, Where had she heard that before? Little face on the cutting room floor. One night he told her she'd never get anywhere In her clothes. He said,'That's what it takes to play movieland musical chairs', So now she knows. Goodbye Hollywood, Leavin'tonight an the 2:30 'Hound, Sunrise on Sunset she won't be around, I guess that settles the score. And they'll replace her with two or three more, She's the face on the cutting room floor.

Telehone Answering Tape

Words: Steve Goodman Music Steve Goodman, David Grisman Big Ears Music,lnc./ Red Pajamas Music,inc. JASCAP) I know these machines have become a fact of life, but their abuse is twice as frustrating as no answer at all. I'll bet I'm missing a lot of important calls by not owning one. Sure. Thanks for the Bluegrass tip, Dawg. I used to dial your number, We used to say hello, We'd shoot the breeze And bum off someone's ears that we both know. Then you got tired of talking, And you needed an escape, So you went and laid your money down For this telephone answering tape. Now you leave it on every night and day So you can screen your calls, You erase the ones you don't really care about at all. You play that tape like it was something you were born to do. Sometimes I think maybe girl it's the tape that's playing you. (CHORUS) Well you'd better wake up Miss hard-to-get, I'm a waitin' on the other end, You can put the world on hold But you can't hold a friend. If you ever want to put this conversation back in shape, Don't call me cuz I'll call you When you take off that tape. Now I dialed your number, Cuz I know you won't be home. And I get to get it off my chest As soon as I hear the tone. I'll tell that tape the words I couldn't say right to your face. You're gonna find out how I feel When you play back that tape. (REPEAT CHORUS)

The One That Got Away

Steve Goodman Big Ears Music,liic / Red Pajamas Mtjsic.Inc (ASCAP) This is an older song. once a duet, dangling again from a precarious hook. Good for singles bars and bait farms There were two old middle aged men, They were sittin , in the corner bar. They were all lying about what wonderful lovers they are. Bending each other's ears, Bending their elbows too. Holding their arms apart The way that fishermen do, singin' (CHORUS) You should have seen the one that got away, Oh you should have seen the one that got away. There were two old middle aged women, And they were sitting in the beauty salon. Waiting for their nails to dry, And puttin' each other on. Trading their recipes, All of the ways to save A hundred and one night stands With a brand new permanent wave, singin' (REPEAT CHORUS) Hindsight makes the heart grow fonder, But that's what it costs When you run around sayin' "I love you" With your fingers crossed. And it's too late to go back now And that's just about as good as it gets, For Rock'N'Roll Romeos and their juke box Juliets. And you can see them out on the street Trying to figure out what it all means. When they try to make their lives complete In the safety of their dreams. By putting their arms around the one that got away. (REPEAT CHORUS)

Queen Of The Road

Steve Goodman, Jimmy Ibbotson, Jeff Hanna Big Ears Music,inc./ Red Pajamas Music,lnc. (ASCAP (Good afternoon Jim and Jeff ) No, riot Boy George on tout just a tribute to all the ol' ladies in Easy Rider Magazifie Special chopper credit to Billy Elkins, Phil ' Mangler" Kaufman, Chet McCracken, and Jack White. Say it ain't so, ore' Standing in the doorway with her hand on her hip, Eyes like the beacons on a rocket ship, Just about the bottom of a bottle of gin, She baits her hook and she reels them in. She' s got a black leather jacket with a patch on the back No imitation cajun going to get to that. A red bandana, a rose tatoo, A mind of her own There's no one telling her what to do, Diamonds, pearls they're for all the other girls, Now some of'em just don't need 'em, you can keep 'em (CHORUS) She goes putt, putt, That's my queen, Putt, putt, Putt, putt, on that big machine. When the light turns green Putt, putt, she's so mean, And nothing can stop my putt, putt, Queen of the road. If you want to roll the dice you can try your luck, She could melt the ice off an ice cream truck. You can't holler uncle when you had enough. Her own brother won't fight her Cause the girl's so tough, Devil of an angel, she's one of a kind. Gotta knuckle-head Harley and a one track mind, Roadhouse reputation everywhere she goes, As a big sled rider, she's the queen of the road. From Pomona to Daytona, Hey, hey, and every highway in between, There's not and one of 'am she ain't seen, Well, you know what I mean. (REPEAT CHORUS) Now when the music's playing she can't sit still, She loves the boogie-woogie and she always will. Her three favorite songs are "God Bless the Child", "My Generation" and "Born to be Wild". When the party's over and the lights go on, Don't have to try to find her Cause the girl is gone, She slips it into second and away she goes, My motor-headed mama is the queen of the road. (REPEAT CHORUS)

Fourteen Days

Steve Goodman Big Ears Music,lnc / Red Pajamas Music,lnc. (ASCAP) This is the song that proves timing is everything, almost. All kudos to Emmylou Harris who made it work, and Steve (great steel) Fishell who made it possible. When Johnny got the letter It had no return address, But he recognized the writing And he didn't have to guess. The postmark said Seattle Just a thousand miles away, So he put it in the drawer For fourteen days. Every night he'd take that envelope And hold it up to the light, But he never tore it open to see what lay inside. He remembered how it hurt The night she turned and walked away, So he kept the letter sealed For fourteen days. Fourteen days it lay unopened, Fourteen days it stayed unread, Fourteen nights he dreamed about her In what use to be their bed. Though his heart and soul were achin' Johnny's pride got in the way, So he kept the letter sealed For fourteen days. Then one night he couldn't stand it Johnny took it from the drawer, He read the words she'd sent to him Just two short weeks before. The tears fell hard as Johnny read The words she had to say, 'Boy I'm coming home to you in fourteen days". 'Dear John: I know I hurt you, but I pray that you'll forgive. And if you don't take me back again, then, I don't want to live. If you're there when I step off the plane, Then I'll be yours, always. I arrive at four p.m. in fourteen days." Johnny raced out to the airport On the chance that she might wait, But the terminal was empty And he knew he was too late. He cursed himself for letting his one true love slip away, For a letter that he held for fourteen days. Fourteen days it lay unopen, Fourteen days it stayed unread, Fourteen nights he dreamed about her And the good times that they had. And Johnny knew he lost her And there was nothing left to say, He tore up the note he'd held for fourteen days. Now the next day in Seattle The morning headline read, 'Another Jane Doe Suicide - Young Girl Lying Dead.' Scrawled upon the crumpled piece of paper where she lay, "I'm coming home to you in fourteen days.'

Hot Tub Refugee

Steve Goodman, Maple Byrne Big Ears Music,lnc./ Red Pajamas Music,lnc. JASCAP) Maple Byrne is a road-person with numerous backstage and tour credits including Steve Martin and me. An unreconstructed Deadhead, he threw me the title in the van one night. The song appeared moments later, and was finished in the nick of time for Jethro Burns' Minneapolis PBS T.V. show. Some people sit in the jacuzzi Every night and every day, They think that boiling water Will take all their blues away. To be successful is so stressful, So the hottentots unwind, And party, party, party While they're boiling their behinds. But not me, I like my lobsters in the sea. I get my power from the shower, Cause I'm a hot tub refugee. They cannot see the danger As they watch the bubbles rise, So they sit and soak for hours Till they're hot tub hypnotized. And they say it's so romantic And the only way to score, Is to bathe with thirty people That you've never met before. But not me, That's just one place I'll never be. I'm just a hermit with a permit To be a hot tub refugee. I've tried the tubs in Aspen Where the bunnies go to ski, And the tubs in California Full of wet celebrities. But I swear a hot tub party Makes my heart begin to droop, As I watch all those sweet young tomatoes Try to turn themselves to soup. But not me, My onions mean too much to me. And my soul is saturated, I'm just a hot tub refugee.

I Just Keep Falling In Love

Steve Goodman, Bill LaBounty Big Ears Music,lnc./ Red Pajamas Music,lnc.(ASCAP); Captain Crystal Music, Inc. (BMI) Written wi h Bill LaBounty, a man who can actually hear music in the air. He's one of the most talented and least appreciated singer-songwriters in the business. There Bill, I said it. Now, give me the money. You want me to leave, Well maybe you're right. You had what it was that you wanted tonight. Now you liked the party But after the ball, You want to be free to feel nothing at all. (CHORUS) I just keep falling in love, I should know better But I don't know better. How can one night be enough? I just keep falling in love. You tell me I'm crazy, Now maybe that's true. I can't hide the way That I feel about you. So why should I wonder Why nobody cares? Here in the sad state Of casual affairs. (REPEAT CHORUS)

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Traditional Arranged by Steve Goodman and Jim Rothermel This is a favorite folk song of my brother and my children No, that's not the late Art Pepper on sax-it's Jim Rothermel, a versatile and underrecorded player He's also a valued friend. There Jim, I said it Now, go got some money from LaBounty and bring it to me One evening as the sun went down and the jungle fires were burnin', Down the track came a hobo hikin', He said boys I'm not turnin'. I'm headed for a land that's far away beside the crystal fountain, And I'll see you all this coming fall in the big rock candy mountain. In the big rock candy mountains, There's a land that's fair and bright, The hand-outs grow on bushes, And you sleep out every night. The boxcars are all empty, And the sun shines every day. I'm bound to go where there ain't no snow, Where the rain don't fall and the wind don't blow, In the big rock candy mountains. (CHORUS) Oh, the buzzin' of the bees in the cigarette trees, By the soda water fountain. Where the lemonade springs and the bluebird sings, In the big rock candy mountains. In the big rock candy mountains you never wash your socks, And little streams of alcohol come tricklin' down the rocks, The boxcars are all empty, The sun shines every day, There's a lake of stew and ginger ale too, And you can paddle all around it in a big canoe, In the big rock candy mountains. (REPEAT CHORUS) In the big rock candy mountains the cops have wooden legs, The bulldogs all have rubber teeth, And the hens lay soft-boiled eggs. There's no short handled shovels, No axes, saws, or picks. Well I'm bound to stay where you sleep all day, Where they hung the jerk who invented work, In the big rock candy mountains. (REPEAT CHORUS)

Santa Ana Winds

Steve Goodman, Mary Gaffney, Mike Jordan Big Ears Music,lnc / Red Pajamas Music,inc @ASCAP) Way out West, where the air is rare, the wind blows two ways: cool to cold from the Pacific Ocean, and hot to unbearable from the deserts and canyons to the East. Written from roasted memory with friends Mary Gaffney and Mike Jordan in Chicago, where wind is understood All day long I just sit around the house, And watch the world go by, my oh my. Since I lost her, nothing moves me, Though I try, I don't know why. L.A. weather hot and hazy, Maybe that's what's got me crazy. (CHORUS) How I wish those dusty Santa Ana winds Could come and carry me, Out to sea. Just like hot flashes, Santa Anas Come and rescue me, From her memory. I want to let my feelings go, I want to feel that jetstream blow. When the sun goes down and I get out of bed, Say I'll be all right, tonight's my night. Walk past that picture, see her face, And then I change my mind, happens every time, I don't know why I can't get started, I was fine till she departed. (REPEAT CHORUS)

You Better Get It While You Can
(The Ballad Of Carl Martin)

Steve Goodman Big Ears Music,inc./ Red Pajamas Music,lnc.(ASCAP) Carl Martin was the greatest entertainer I ever played with. He appears on serveral (Flying Fish and Yazoo) records, with or without his cronies Ted Bogan and Howard Armstrong lwrite to those labels for details). Carl and I became friends in the early Seventies, and his inspiration rules my musical character to this day. He's gone now, but I will never forget the night he met my grandmother at 'The Earl of Old Town.' Neither will she. The mandolin player on this record is Jethro Burns: everyone's idol, even Carl's. I remember when I met Carl Martin, It must have been a dozen years ago. A spectacular gent, he was old and bent, But his eyes had a fiery glow. He was born April Fools Day, 1906, Near Big Stone Gap, VA. He could play a little fiddle And some blues guitar he'd picked up along the way. But once he got his hands on a mandolin, He lit up like a Christmas tree. Along with Ted Bogan and Howard Armstrong They were the best string band I ever did see. For fifty odd years they played rent parties Road houses, concerts, festivals too. At the drop of a hat these three black cats Would play every song they knew. It was 'Lady Be Good' and 'The Barnyard Dance" And "The Ice Cream Freezer Blues". They'd bring the oldest chestnuts out And make 'am all sound brand new. And the little white boys with their shiny guitars, Would follow right along at their heels. They learned the words and they learned the chords But they never did get the feel. Now I asked Carl once how he got the fire. He said, 'Boy, you've got to understand, If you want to be someone, you've gotta have some fun, So you better get it while you can.' (CHORUS) You better get it while you can, You better get it while you can. If you wait too long, it'll all be gone And you'll be sorry then. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, It's the same for a woman or a man. From the cradle to the crypt It's a mighty short trip, So you better get it while you can. Now Carl always had a way to make the good times roll When the rest of us weren't so sure. He'd just pick out the prettiest woman in the room And sing every song to her. One night back East when the gig was done There was an all night blow-out jam. We Played and we sang and drank for hours, Till the sun came up again. It was blues and ballads, Ragtime, Dixieland and Swing, Some old time show tunes. And then Carl Martin sang some songs nobody else knew And some I haven't heard since then. Right before dawn he did two more songs Just to separate the strong from the faint. It was a red-hot rendition of "The Old Pine Tree" And a double-time version of 'The Saints'. And when they were done those of us who could still breath Took off our hats to that man. Carl played us under the table that night And he said, 'You better get it while you can'. (REPEAT CHORUS) You know Carl and his buddies never got too far, When he died Martin didn't have a dime. He was a little behind on his payments, And a little bit ahead of his time. Last week a group of us so-called musicians Sat up real late and burned one down. The liquor kept coming and we kept strumming Till a minute or two before dawn. There were some who stayed and some who faded, Till soon I was left all alone. I don't believe in ghosts - but I could swear I heard Carl Martin sing one more song. (REPEAT CHORUS)