Mike Smith and Steve Goodman

I guess you can sum up Goodman's relation with Mike Smith through the words of Steve Goodman during one live performance. goodman was about ready to play what was one of his favorite songs and was having some difficulty getting the guitar tuned. Goodman uttered outloud "Mike Smith wrote this song and damn it it deserves a guitar that's in tune." The song, of course was "The Dutchman" This is and Wonderful World of Sex are probably the two songs that even the most uninformed Goodman fan will immediately recognize as works by Mike Smith.

However there were several other songs that Smith wrote that Goodman recorded. In fact probably the only other singer that was covered more by Goodman is John Prine.

Here are a few other songs written by Mike Smith. (solo or with Steve Goodman)

Mike Smith has his own web page! You can find out more about him and how to obtain his music there.

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