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Words We Can Dance To

Words We Can Dance To

Asylum, p1976. 1 disc (33 min.)
Cast: Songs; performed by the composer, with assisting instrumentalists.
  1. Roving Cowboy
  2. Tossin' And Turnin'
  3. Unemployed
  4. Between the Lines
  5. Old Fashioned
  6. Can't Go Back
  7. Banana Republics
  8. Death of a Salesman
  9. That's What Friends Are For
  10. The Glory Of Love
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Roving Cowboy

"Ballad of Dan Moody" (Mike Smith) He used to be a roving cowboy He used to he a rodeo cowhand He tried to rob the Kansas Railway Along with two other friends of mine I said for God's sake do not do this They put it off for quite some time Until the twelfth of January Such a cold and bitter time Snow was drifting on the line A mind confused is sometimes altered That's what a friend of mine who knows once told me Don't tell a madman with a shotgun That he is not supposed to shoot no one Foolishly heeding my own counsel Too easily tired of the fight They done the deed and was successful And returned that very night Looking the same around the eyes Having recently found Jesus I tried to speak to them, as friends should do Of the eternal consequences And about those hellfires that wait below They soon fell in with sweet companions Who helped them spend their evil wage Until the thought of precious Jesus Drove me to a holy rage And I knew they must be saved Then who comes riding across the prairie Seeking shelter from the wild deep snow Why it's the sheriff and his deputies seeking Information bout them three rodeo chums I did not know that they'd be sleeping That they'd come out with guns ablaze And that all three was to be murdered This was never my intention This I swear I did not know When I told the posse where to go

Tossin' And Turnin'

(Ritchie Adams & Malou Rene) I couldn't sleep at all last night Just thinking of you, baby things weren't right And you got me tossin'and turnin' turnin' and tossin, tossin' and turnin'all night I kicked the blankets on the floor Turned my pillow upside down I never did before and you got me tossin'and turnin' turnin'and tossin; tossin' and turnin' all night Jumped out of bed Turned on the light Rolled up the shade, went to the kitchen for a bite Pulled down the shade, turned off the light Jumped back into bed, it was the middle of the night The clock downstairs was striking four I couldn't get you off my mind I heard the milkman at the door And you got me tossin'and turnin' turnin'and tossin', tossin'and turnin'all night


(Steve Goodman) When I got up this morning I walked down to the plant I wanted to go to work but they said you can't When I asked the boss why I got canned He said something 'bout the laws of supply and demand Now that's just the kind of thing That gets a man annoyed When the wolf is knocking And you're unemployed I filled out the forms they had in personnel There's twenty men applying for every job to fill Some boys in fine are just bums like me And some of them got sheepskins and PHD's It's a sorry situation that you can't avoid When you're over educated and unemployed I don't want to be told how long I have to wait Don't want to be no number in no jobless rate Don't want no welfare from no welfare state I just want to put the groceries on my baby's plate When I die then I'll get my just reward When the devil makes me chairman of the board Whenever they had the hard times in this land Before then they said the way you stop is to start a war Well I don't want to hear any of that stuff from any politicians no more Or next election day they'll be unemployed

Between the Lines

(Steve Goodman & Steve Burgh) The day you're born they sign a piece of paper To certify the date of your birth And the day you die they sign another Just to prove you've gone back to the earth And between those two pieces of paper There's the truth that is so hard to find And the story of your life is written ' , but You must read in between the lines Now when you're young you think it doesn't matter If you leap before you look But those old folks are wiser and sadder From the chances that they took Now when your chance comes along, you must take it Just be careful and take your time And the chances are good you will make it If you could read in between the lines And when someone tells you they love you And that no one has ever loved you more It is wise to stop and consider how many Times they night have said that before Because when love leaves you cryin' You will surely lose your mind And you might have known love was lying If you could read in between the lines

Old Fashioned

(Steve Goodman, Steve Burgh, Pat Chamberlain & Paula Bailin) Friends are always telling me that I'm old fashioned Out of date and born too late to ever catch on But maybe that's because they can't imagine The love of an old fashioned girl When they tell you you don't have a leg to dance on She's the one that you can take a chance on The one who knows the difference between Promises and passion is my old fashioned girl These days it's smart to hide your heart Behind some painted smile But have no fear I will still be here When love comes back in style Maybe it's the way she lets me think I caught her When I'm without her I'm a fish out of water And maybe someday our daughter will be An old fashioned girl So go ahead and tell me I'm old fashioned I know one thing you can bet your cash on Love that's built to last and can't be rationed Between an old fashioned boy and girl

Can't Go Back

(Steve Goodman, Steve Burgh, Pat Chamberlain, Paula Bailin) Now in this great big world of trouble Sometimes there must be a little you And when the woman wants to good, good lovin' She must separate the men from the boys And men you know it's the same for us All around the world Once you've been in love with the Good, good woman, it sure is hard to go Back to girls Now when I was just a little boy My Poppa said these words to me Son, you better watch your step when You go lookin'for the female company Don't be fooled when they make eyes at you And they all look the same The woman is the one who means business The little girl is just playing a game When the woman's thinking of you Some little girl will come break your heart You can find the one who loves you If you're man enough to tell them apart And Poppa told me, when you find one Who gives you good lovin' Son, don't you ever make her cry You could search the whole world over And never find another no matter How hard you try Just remember that she will only care for you Just as much as you care for her And once you've been in love With the good, good woman, it sure is Hard to go back to girls

Banana Republics

(Steve Goodman, Steve Burgh & Jim Rothermel) Down to the Banana Republics Down to the tropical sun Come the expatriated Americans Expecting to have some fun Some of them come for the sailing Drawn by the lure of the sea To cure the spirit that's ailing From living in the land of the free Some of them are running from lovers Leaving no forward address Some of them are running marijuana Some are running from the IRS Late at night you can see them In the cheap hotels and bars Hustling the senoritas As they dance beneath the stars Spending the renegade pesos On a bottle of rum and a lime Singing give me some words I can Dance to and a melody that rhymes Once you learn the native customs And a word of Spanish or two Then you know you can't trust them Because they know they can't trust you Down in Banana Republics It is not always as warm as it seems When none of the natives are buying Any second hand American Dreams Expatriated Americans Are feeling so all alone Telling themselves the same lies That they told themselves at home

Death of a Salesman

(Steve Goodman, Steve Burgh, Jeff Gutcheon, Jim Rothermel, Lew London, Saul Broody & Ken Kosek) The traveling salesman stopped for gas As it was getting late He sure was feeling tired And it was snowing on the interstate He said "won't 'cha fill 'er up with gas And see if my oil's alright And do you know a place where a tired-out traveling man Might spend the night?" The attendant winked at him and said "I'll bet you been around The man who puts up lodgers here is Known as Farmer Brown You'll find him in that old stone house Just at the edge of town And he's got a 15 year old daughter Who likes to fool around." The salesman winked right back at him And a smile came to his lip He paid for the gas and oil And then he gave that man a tip He started up and pushed that old gas pedal to the floor Went off like a hat and in nothing flat He was at the farmer's door The door opened up and a beautiful girl said "Won't you come on in" The traveling salesman's tongue was hanging out like Rin-Tin-Tin "That old gas station attendant said I would find you here And do you have a suitable room To rent to me my Dear?" She said "Kind Sir, I'm sorry, but the last one's gone you see, So if you want to spend the night You'll have to sleep with me:' He said "How fortuitous, my pretty little miss" And he throws his arms around her And he gives that girl a kiss Her warm and tender ruby lips He scarcely could believe He never saw the hammer She had hidden up her sleeve She said "I'm getting sleepy, Why don't we go to bed?" And as they turned to climb the stairs She whopped him on the head The very next day the salesman's car With brand new license plates Was sitting at Farmer Brown's super service 'bout a mile from the interstate So all you traveling salesmen Who might be passing through You better watch your step Or that traveling salesman joke might be on you

That's What Friends Are For

(Steve Goodman, Steve Burgh, Jim Rothermel & Jeff Gutcheon) How to hide your feeling is the first thing that you learn When you cannot tell the truth to whom it may concern When you fall in love with your closest friend And she's not in love with you You get caught in the middle If she can't pretend that she feels the same about you But whenever someone breaks her heart She comes knocking at your door She knows she can count on you After all that's what friends are for Friends are the ones who hold you up When the whole world is letting you down Friends are the ones you turn to for love When lovers can't be found I wish I knew how to tell her I'm her friend and something more But some things are better left unsaid And, after all, that's what friends are for That's what friends are for

The Glory Of Love

(William J. Hill) You gotta give a little Take a little Let your poor heart break a little Baby, that's the glory of love You gotta laugh a little Cry a little Let the clouds roll by a little Baby, that's the glory of love As long as there's just the two of us To have the world and its charms And when the world is through with us We'll be safe in each others arms Win a little Lose a little Sometimes you got to have the blues a little Baby, that's the glory of love All songs are C 1976 Big Ears Music, Inc./Red Pajamas Music, Inc.  ASCAP except the following: "Unemployed" C) 1975 Big Ears Music, Inc./Red Pajamas Music, Inc., ASCAP "Rovin Publishing Co., Inc.  BMI, "Tossin' and Turnin"' (C) 1961 Harvard Music, Inc./Warner-Tameriane Publishing Corp. BMI and "The Glory Of Love" (D 1936 Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., In All son s used by permission.  All rights reserved.